Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Cece A hoodie

Because “bitches” is too vanilla for Cece.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week I’ll give the poor thing a rest. Imma just let her live, you know?
Our count is now 7 poor, 4 score.

That’s right, Cece’s back in town. And a scene all but confirms she is Red Coat.

But this is a show where Aria exists, so you know in this universe, nothing is simple.

Not even something like owning a particularly coloured coat.

TL;DR I wanna say Cece is Red Coat, but I know there will be some excuse. But whatever. Cece’s Red Coat. Toby’s secret investigation finally comes out, and a witness comes forward to vouch for Ashley’s innocence.

Don’t you just love garbage plot twists that come from nowhere? Especially when they’re cute?

Speaking of plots:

The Hanna show is back (bitches), with some guy named Travis coming up and being like “hey, I know your mum is innocent. Dance with me?” After they do indeed dance at the school Hoe Down, she convinces him to go to Roma at the police station and make his statement: he saw Ashley drive away before he heard the killer gunshots.

Aria’s domestic drama makes a lukewarm return. She continues to avoid Ezra without realising he’s trying to tell her about Maggie being a fucking dog. Jake flexes his alpha douche chops and tries to keep Ezra from hanging around, but (with Emily’s insistence) Aria finally chats to Ezra and they are last seen having a D&M.

Spencer gets Aria and Emily to help her inspect the crawlspace in the Dilaurentis house where they think Red Coat was staying. They are almost stabbed by someone (A or Red Coat/both?). Spencer also comes clean to the Liars about the Toby’s mum thing, which pisses Toby off. Fearing A might stop giving him clues, he desperately goes after a tip that almost gets him arrested (A set him up).

And Emily has some humming and harring drama with Paige (they’re still tense). It ends up okay, despite the fact that Rumer wants Emily’s V. Roma also tells the Liars she found the muddy Manolo in Emily’s house’s rubble (A put it there last episode).

And Emily fucking listens to me and moves in with the Hastings instead of staying with Jessica. I am god.

I’m gonna give Aria a rare reprieve (I’m so generous today) and direct my hatred towards Toby. He fucking flips when he finds out Spencer told the Liars about his mum. He still has no decent reasoning for this. And then he falls for the obvious trap with Dr Palmer’s car.

Luckily Spencer sends Caleb after him and they cheese it outta there. Toby should really defer to his girlfriend more often.

Why I hate this episode:

Now it’s Aria bitching time. But the communication problem is really down to Ezra. Their meeting in the coffee shop is the perfect manifestation of this. All he has to do is tell her (like he did with Emily earlier in the episode) that Maggie’s moving blah blah blah. Instead he drags his feet, and then scurries away when Jake turns up. Just spit it out, Ezra.

Jake is also an alpha male fuckhead. He puffs his chest out and accuses Ezra of chaperoning the Hoe Down just so he can be near to Aria. Which is probably true, but that’s not Jake’s place. Aria was actually doing a surprisingly good job of blowing Ezra off. Calm your pecs, J.

Emily makes a passing reference to that little tape Roma caught her on. Apparently there are no consequences to it. What?

There’s some shocking Macy’s product placement. Shocking as in “bad,” definitely not as in “surprising.”

Travis is such a stalker freak show. Yeah, the best way to avoid being pressured into telling the cops the truth is to hang around the girl who is going to do exactly that to you. But boys in this universe are idiots.

Oh, and Spencer and Emily’s response to thinking Red Coat has hopped into the back of their hay bale carrying ute is to try and kill her with hoes. Also, how did Red Coat have time to get out of there? I know A and Red Coat are the queens of off-camera teleportation, but come on.

Reasons to watch:

At least it’s fun to watch the girls try to hijack a car. Bonus points for Spencer being unable to drive a manual (stick shift for you Americans).

Hanna manages to straddle the line between melodramatic breakdown and defiant action. She doesn’t let Travis get away for even a second and convinces that li’l bitch to go to Roma. Don’t come between my Hanna and Ashley, T-Bag. You’d regret it.

Travis is also one of the interns from Bones. I lol’d.

The Liars all look pretty hot at the Hoe Down. Aria’s a bit safe, but Emily (always) and Spencer are cute as fuck. Paige outstrips them all, though. It’s hard to believe she used to be that loser bitch with a fugly fringe.

Jake’s one positive contribution to the episode (sadly, not his abs) is when he offers Aria a card for a lawyer that might be able to help Ashley (seeing as Veronica’s been stood down). Any Ashley helping works for me.

When Emily first sees Ezra in the episode, she worries that Rumer’s glowing reference might be too glowing. He snaps at her that there are worse problems in the world. Bonus points for him having a stubbly face, the telltale sign of a man letting himself go. He apologises, so some of the impact is lost, but he definitely had a point.

Best line of the episode goes to Aria. She and Emily are investigating the Dilaurentis basement and wondering where Spencer is. Spencer turns up, and Aria knows what priorities are: “I told you she has the best flashlight!” Way to keep your eye on the prize, baby.

They then almost get their eyes stabbed out by A/Red Coat/whoever when they’re looking through the peep holes the squatter (A/Red Coat/whoever) made to spy on the Dilaurentis living room. Shame it missed.

Cece’s back in the game. She’s first seen bitching at someone on the phone. She’s staying at a motel room with all her conspiracy stuff set out, and a red coat laying around. Later, she eavesdrops on Ezra and Aria’s D&M. Keep it up.

Spencer finally comes clean about the Toby’s mum stuff. It’s almost like there was nothing stopping her in the first place, huh?

Emily has a flashback of Alison telling her about a friend (presumably Cece) whose boyfriend (presumably Wilden) was a dick, and that Alison told the BF to GTFO. He pulled a gun on her, but she evidently made it out okay. It’s nothing really revelatory, but any Alison is good.

The A stinger shows them with dolls of the Liars + Mona, and they prepare to stab one of them with a knitting needle.

Oh, and Hanna pulls her shit together this episode. Only 2 outfits, but she’s swapped out that unflattering nanna jacket from last episode for this pink darling. Her other outfit is her Hoe Down get up, which is perfectly white trash-licious for her.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna pink jacket

Sometimes I scare myself.

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6 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. kristen says :

    my question is: why in the fuck is ‘red coat’ wearing that big ugly unflattering coat of that particular color? how is that supposed to look menacing? i say go back to the black hoodies – at least it looked brooding and cool

  2. kristen says :

    i’m just so confused. are we supposed to believe that Cece is supposed to be a fashionable blond bitch and own a heinous trench like that at the same time?

  3. kristen says :

    omg the truck part is so random. they literally just saw her shadow flash by. weren’t emily and spencer good at sports? you dickfaces really just couldnt run after her? ugh this show is too much!

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