Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 8 – TV Review

Under the Dome Junior kills Ollie

I want to believe.

He is though.

Ollie’s teeth were just too disgusting to keep looking at.

Thanks, Junior.

TL;DR Big Jim and Junior fight but then patch things up, Big Jim leads an assault on Ollie, Barbie and Linda work together to keep everyone as safe as possible, and Joe shows Julia the egg.

At least Barbie and Julia aren’t babysitting this time.

It’s mostly the Big Jim show this episode. His escalating tiff with Ollie reaches breaking point. Though Linda is initially willing to support Big Jim for the good of the town, she realises he might be the wrong horse to bet on when he starts rounding up a roving death squad (finally). Linda and Barbie collaborate on a plan to ruin Ollie’s well, dispersing water throughout other wells in town. It works, and most of the carnage is prevented (aww). That doesn’t stop Junior from briefly joining Ollie’s side to spite his father, but he turns around (and kills Ollie. I lol’d) when he and Big Jim bond over Junior’s mother’s suicide. Meanwhile, Joe shows Julia the egg, which leads to an apparition of Joe saying another ominous phrase: “the monarch will be crowned.” Meanwhile, Angie and Norrie bond over both being badd gurlz.

Angie’s home, okay? I’m just grateful for that.

I wouldn’t call myself objectively hateful at any part of this episode. The soap suds are still being held at bay by the abundance of plot going on, which is awesome.

I am a bit worried about the new super special phrase we get: “the monarch will be crowned.” I can’t shake my expectation of the ol’ Stephen King, pseudo-supposedly-meaningful-spiritual nonsense coming up and taking a slimy dump all over the plot. It’d be a shame to throw aside all this worthy, human drama for some shoehorned in, spiritual revelation or some shit.

Why I hate this episode:

Julia and Joe are also strangely unimpressed by the fucking glowing death egg that shows you images of people. Julia has the mildest freakout ever, and Joe’s like “lolz, it wasn’t glowing like a timebomb of terror before. Whatevs.”

Angie is still honouring her agreement with Big Jim to keep her mouth shut. I’m usually all for integrity, but I’d be willing to give Angie a pass on this one. Come on, girl. At least tell Barbie so he can beat Junior up again.

Angie wants Big Jim’s help to reopen the diner. What the fuck for? She even acknowledges the supply shortage, but still wants to do it anyway. Because it’s what Rose (Beth Broderick) would have wanted. So dumb. This is also part of Jim’s motivation to hammer Ollie. Again, so dumb.

To relieve some stress, Angie and Norrie smash all of Angie’s souvenir snow globes on the dome. Bitch, snow globes are adorable. Wasteful.

Oh, and in her grief, Norrie blames Joe for insisting they went in search of the dome’s centre, and she believes that them touching the mini dome caused Alice’s death. Rude.

Reasons to watch:

She redeems herself later, though, when she blames herself for putting herself, Alice and Carolyn in Chester’s Mill in the first place. Because they were taking her to that reform school thing. Dat self loathing.

Norrie and Angie bond over both being screwups. Angie is apparently no stranger to that particular reform school, herself. After seeing her only in The Secret Circle and Scream 4, it’s so hard to imagine Britt Robertson as a bad bitch. But hey, Angie does have a tattoo.

A monarch butterfly tattoo, in fact. I hope “being crowned” doesn’t involve decapitation or anything.

The Big Jim/Junior drama is decent. Big Jim starts earlier in the episode by disowning Junior because he’s acting like his mother. This comes around later when Ollie tells Junior that his mum’s car crash was actually a suicide. Junior resolves to kill his father himself as revenge for not telling him. But when it comes to the crunch, Big Jim admits he was only trying to protect Junior from the horrible truth, and they bond. Bonus points for Ollie getting impatient with the execution, and Junior shooting him the fuck up.

Big Jim’s rise to dangerous, crazed dictator gets a nice boost this episode. It doesn’t take him long at all to round up a tiny army to oppose Ollie. The skirmish even claims 5 lives. It’s progress.

Barbie sees right through it, though. His plan with Linda is to explode Ollie’s well. It succeeds, and the fighting ceases when Ollie’s men abandon him (they were only in it for the resources, not for Ollie). Barbie later sees Big Jim and slams him for his recklessness and says he knows he was only in it for the power, not the people.

Best line goes to Angie, who’s bitching Big Jim out for not keeping Junior away from her last episode. She talking about Junior’s bragging over his elimnation of the Rape Bros: “Saying something about Clint and Waylon Dundee. How they’d never hurt me again. Like a wild cat bringing me a dead mouse as some kind of sick offering. It freaked me out!” Just the visual of little Angie verbally bitch slapping Big Jim works for me.

Norrie and Joe share second best place with this simple praise of Angie near the end of the episode:
Norrie: “She’s alright. Your sister.”
Joe: “I know.”

Linda answers my call to action and forbids Junior from taking a gun out on duty. Seeing him slay an unarmed man will probably do that to your decision making. Good girl.

Oh, and it’s nice for Julia to go back to having a plot that isn’t “be an incidental part of Barbie’s life, who himself has already been fairly incidental the past few episodes.” She’s a journalist, dammit. She had deductive skills that are going to waste.

Under the Dome mini dome Julia

“Onto the next mystery!”

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