Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Emily Hanna together

Emily also likes vaginas, so I’m not sure I’d trust her judgement.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week needs a straitjacket (as opposed to her actual jacket).
Our count now is 7 bad, 3 I’m glad.

More Radley stuff.


TL;DR Now Cece apparently had a stay in Radley back in the day, Emily is staying with Jessica Dilaurentis while her house gets fixed, Wren could be literally Hitler, and Cece is more viable as Red Coat than ever.

But it’s only episode 10, so you know she isn’t.

Time for some plot plants:

I guess you could say Emily takes the reins this week. Jessica offers her and Pam a place to stay, but with Pam out of town at a disciplinary hearing (which Emily is still unrepentant for), it’s up to Emily to keep Jessica company/search for clues. After a quality chat (divorce, being gay, etc) we later find out that Cece was once checked into Radley and gave her name as Alison. Emily and Jessica also find evidence of a squatter having lived in the Dilaurentis basement, which might explain what Red Coat was up to last episode.

Cece having been at Radley dovetails with Spencer and Toby’s ongoing quest to find out what happened to his mum. Cece appears to be the blonde girl that old, crazy doctor was talking about. Veronica Hastings also has an against-the-rules visit with Mona where she threatens her if she finds out she’s scheming to hurt the Liars with her confession business. Veronica is later removed as Ashley’s lawyer because of an anonymous complaint made against her.

Hanna is understandably not impressed. She spends most of her episode fretting about things. She stops Caleb from telling Veronica or the police about A (he was only trying to help. Or was he!?), and she asks Wren about what’s happening with Mona at Radley/if Cece might have been in to visit her. Wren makes some ominous, sinister phone calls to someone, which makes it look like he’s in league with Red Coat (or at least A. Or both?).

And Aria investigates an address for Cece in Philadelphia. All she learns from a disgruntled former roommate is that Cece hated the Liars and thought they were equally responsible for that frat party incident that Alison pulled, which got Cece expelled from college. Aria also keeps dating Jake or some shit. And trollol, Ezra isn’t Malcolm’s father.

I guess Alex Mack still has secrets in her world.

I gotta say, a lot of progress in the right direction. Even Aria detours from her lovey dovey nothing plot to do some valuable snooping.

And I didn’t even hate the Ezra “he not yo’ baby, bro” subplot. What has become of me?

Why I hate this episode:

It’s still unnecessary, soap opera fodder garbage, though. Again, this isn’t connected to the mystery proper, or even directly to any of the Liars (Aria’s moved on, remember?). Shoo, adults.

The whole situation with Jessica offering the Fields a place to stay is awkward and weird. Hanna says they can’t stay with her because of Ashley being under house arrest, which is fair. But the Montgomery house always looks curiously empty, And Melissa isn’t around anymore, so why couldn’t they chill with the Hastings? Contrived.

Toby spells out why he won’t let Spencer fill the other Liars in on his mum investigation: he’s worried A will stop giving him clues about it. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure he might have said that earlier. I’ve been bitching about their secrecy since episode 4, so if anyone could clear this up for me, that’d be great. But I still think it’s stupid.

Caleb almost tells Veronica about A. Dude, Hanna doesn’t need you to protect her. If anything, Hanna would be more capable of protecting you, squishy boy. Hanna can handle herself. Step off.

Maggie just ascended into the cunt-o-sphere with her “I just picked you as Malcolm’s father because yolo” excuse to Ezra. I didn’t think I could be more done with this bitch if I was Sammi herself.

Hanna just misses seeing Red Coat slink behind her while she’s poking around Alison’s room. Fuck.

Oh, and I am gutted that Wren has turned out to be a villain. He was supposed to be my innocent little homewrecking whore British boy. Why you gotta hurt me so bad, baby?

Reasons to watch:

However, his flip to the dark side is on par with his character from Sorority Row, so that’s cool.

He does the evaluation for Mona at Radley, and as far as I can tell, she’s not in on the game with him. He does know about Cece having visited Radley when Mona was there before. And after Hanna starts asking questions, he calls someone and says “we have a problem.” He is later seen colouring a picture from his evaluation kit with a red coat. Omg.

Some juicy deets are brought to light about the depth of Alison and Cece’s friendship. Jessica says they’re relationship was unhealthy, and that they used to wear each other’s “personalities.” This manifests in a flashback where Jessica rages at Alison for Cece pretending to be Alison when she was admitted to Radley.

The roommate’s tidbit about Cece passionately hating the Liars is pretty much confirmation that Cece is Red Coat. Except that she won’t be. Because that would be too easy.

I enjoyed the Ezra/Maggie stuff because I honestly felt bad for Ezra. Poor guy. Both of the women in his life are pathetic, immature skanks. No wonder he’s stuck in “date a high schooler” mode.

When he tries to call Aria for support, she ignores his call. Yes! I know I hate Jake, but I think anything would be better than Aria running back to Ezra. Date Caleb. Date Tom. Date anyone, Aria. Just don’t go back to Ezra. For fuck’s sake, please.

Best line goes to Hanna, with this heartfelt explanation as to why Emily can’t stay with her. It’s in Ashley’s interest: “As much as she loves Emily, I don’t think she wants to cry in front of her.” Does anyone else want to give Ashley a big hug (while avoiding being sliced open by her flawless jawline)?

Emily comes out to Jessica, and Jessica says she wishes Alison could have been able to reciprocate Emily’s feelings. Because Emily is a good person to have love you. Aww.

Jessica makes a passing mention about how she thought she saw Alison one time after her disappearance. Just like with Hanna and Mona.

The A stinger shows A throwing Ashley’s muddy, incriminating shoes into the rubble of Emily’s house.

Oh, and Hanna’s black dress with weird pearl collar thing is actually quite nice (better than the last time she had an embellished white collar). But that jacket ages her like Jade from Big Brother‘s forehead wrinkles. So close.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna pearl collar

The poor thing.

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6 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. Amadan says :

    i can confirm Toby never said why keep a secret of his quest to the other liars (i saw all the episode in a raw till the 8 episode).
    the only reason it started like a secret it was because he was the stealer of Mona’s van.
    and if for A was really a problem for the liars to know about it i think would be already pissed because Spencer knows… so it’s a lame excuse in my opinion and i really don’t get plot wise they need to keep this a secret.

    Caleb is a stupid sexist, but actually i would spill the trith to the police, especially now that Wilden is out of the picture… A and redcoat can be maniac and geniuses but i think the police can handle it better than any of the liars (they are too busy doing nothing and gossiping with old friends of Cece).

    Also a little tired of Hanna whining about her mother over and over again… she is at house arrest for god sake, what did you expect little brat? Parties and parades? stop the whining already and try to dress better (no for me the pearl collar is a no no, i’m italian and i know better)

  2. kristen says :

    i love reading these..much better than actually watching the episodes

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