Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 7 – TV Review

Under the Dome Junior gun

Linda needs to sort her shit out.

It bothers me that Big Jim’s reaction to Junior fucking kidnapping and holding his girlfriend prisoner is to simply kick him out of the house and trust he won’t go near Angie again.

He’s crazy, dude.

At least Junior takes out his insanity on someone who deserves it this time.

TL;DR Junior (with Linda’s unwitting assistance) kills the guys who tried to rape Angie last episode, Big Jim’s tiff with Ollie the well owner goes south, Alice dies, and Norrie and Joe find a new secret of the dome.

Barbie and Julia just play nursemaid to some pregnant chick, so they don’t deserve a mention in the TL;DR this week.

Norrie and Joe take the most important role in the plot this episode. Intrigued by their special relationship with the dome, they set out to find the centre of it (treating it like an atom). And they do. What they find is an even smaller dome, and within that, a black egg (see below). Meanwhile, Julia and Barbie rush Julia’s pregnant neighbour to Alice because the dome has caused her to go into labour. Alice helps deliver the baby, but succumbs to her diabetes. Norrie sees a vision of Alice shown to her by the dome and makes it back in time to be with her when she dies. Aww. The baby is okay, though. Meanwhile, Angie seems to be safe-ish (for now). She recruits Joe’s Asian Friend to help her give Beth Broderick a burial. Minor tension with Junior ensues. She later reunites with Joe. Meanwhile, Junior and Linda track down the rapists. Linda kills one in self-defence, Junior straight-up murders the other. Meanwhile, Ollie steals Big Jim’s propane supply, so Big Jim gets drunk and blows Ollie’s dude (and some of the propane) the fuck up.

Yes, Big Jim. Keep killing. Become the genocidal leader I know you want to be.

This episode is a continuation of the “nothing is really that bad, you know?” trend that Under the Dome has been keeping up.

However, I was extremely frustrated by Big Jim’s subplot. This episode appears to take place the very next day after last episode’s rainstorm. Yet we see droves of people queueing up for Ollie’s water supply, and Ollie lords it over Big Jim. This leads to their fiery conflict.

I understand that a little bit of freak rain isn’t going to last forever, but the timing just really didn’t fit. It doesn’t make sense that so many people would be so reliant on Ollie’s supply literally the day after their prayers were supposedly answered by buckets of rain.

I do concede the possibility that my timeline is wrong, but then I think that’s the show’s fault for being ambiguous.

Why I hate this episode:

Before you rip me up, here’s why I think it’s the next day: Barbie and Julia wake up in bed together, presumably after taking last episode’s rain kiss to it’s logical conclusion; Angie appears to have spent the night at Big Jim’s, but says she needs to go reunite with Joe; Beth’s blood on the floor isn’t dry; and Linda wouldn’t have just waited around to hunt down the rapist bros. Checkmate.

Really, the first thing Angie should have done was go the fuck home. Don’t you care about Joe, bitch? God.

Junior totally sees Angie when he shouldn’t have. Good plan, Big Jim. At least he doesn’t kidnap her again.

Ol’ Prego is just an obnoxious plot prop to keep Barbie and Julia busy while more interesting things are happening. I understand the constraints of TV, but it sucks when your main characters are almost literally babysitting a plotline just to give them an excuse to be in the episode. But then again, I’d definitely complain more if they weren’t in it, so I’ll never be happy, will I?

I don’t care about Alice’s death. I’m cold. I know.

Joe takes the opportunity to thank trigonometry for paying off again when he and Norrie are searching for the dome’s centre. Confirmed: the US Department of Education is funding Under the Dome.

Prego has some sook about how she’s worried to bring a baby into the bleakness of dome life. Wah wah wah.

Oh, and Angie still isn’t spilling the beans about what Junior did to her. If I was her, I’d spread that shit like Nutella.

Reasons to watch:

But at last, Angie is finally out (without getting caught again). Not only does she reunite with Joe, she also stands up (ish) to Junior.

And Junior apologises to Angie and says he now knows he can’t force her to love him. I don’t believe it, but it’s a start.

When Linda tells Junior why they’re hunting the Rape Bros, he goes into rage mode. He instigates the confrontation which leads to their killing. And Linda is now clued into Junior’s homicidal streak, so hopefully somone in Chester’s Mill will stop giving him access to a fucking gun.

I gotta give the Rape Bros points for holding up Julia’s car with Prego inside and siphoning the fuel out. That’s low. Awesome low.

The mini dome/egg situation is cute. At least we’re finally getting some more progress on the dome mystery. It is episode 7, after all. Time to get a move on.

At the end of the episode, the egg starts to glow purple or some shit (see below). I’m ready for a Big Brother style twist.

Big Jim seems genuinely upset over Beth’s death. Compound this with Ollie being a dickbag and a few too many drinks, and who could blame the guy for immolating that lackey at the stolen propane site?

Big Jim’s drinking leads to the best line of the episode, which comes from Asian Friend: “Hell yeah, chug!” Big Jim’s no Shoenice, but I’m impressed.

Julia and Barbie had sex and are now all couple-y. Aww.

The dome makes Prego see her husband/boyfriend, and she reaches out to touch “him,” but ends up touching the dome, which induces labour. What’s the plan, domey?

Carolyn and Alice have a strong, feasible relationship. And they even get to kiss on screen. PLL’s version was younger and hotter, but it’s nice all the same.

Prego names the baby Alice as thanks for her helping deliver it.

Oh, and Norrie tries to use her dome powers to ask for Alice to be brought back to life. It doesn’t work, but something’s happening.

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