Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 6 – TV Review

Under the Dome Barbie Julia kiss rain

Catch them in a rainstorm. Duh.

I think it’s about time we followed Angie’s example from last week and name upgrade a couple of characters.

From now on, Rachelle will be upgraded to her character name of Julia.

And Li’l Bro will now be Joe. Which is actually shorter and easier to type.

So my laziness still wins.

TL;DR Angie gets out (again), the town descends into rioting over dwindling supplies, and more Stephen King spiritual/philosophical bullshit starts to creep in.

It was only a matter of time.

The plot this episode centres around the growing supply crisis within the dome. Linda and Barbie try to keep things calm in town as people try to stock up. Full-blown rioting and looting isn’t far away, though. A polluted water supply makes things even more dire. The riot fizzles out when it miraculously rains. Meanwhile, Angie escapes Junior’s clutches and flees to town. She makes it to Beth Broderick’s diner, but before they can do anything, a couple of jerks come in to rob the place. They kill Beth, but Barbie saves Angie from rape. He gives her to Big Jim to drive to the clinic. He doesn’t. He takes her to his place and offers her supplies, money and protection from Junior if she keeps her mouth shut. Meanwhile, Alice goes wacky due to her diabetes. Norrie drags Joe along on a mission to steal insulin from other diabetics in town. It ends up surprisingly okay. They’re greeted later by Julia and the radio Engineer, who are searching for the source of a radio interference. They track it to Norrie and Joe, leading Julia to think the dome might be more than just a magical, adaptive, perfect, indestructible force. It might have a heart, too.


I was complaining last week about how civil the people of Chester’s Mill were being. Looks like Under the Dome was listening.

If I had to get a gripe with this week’s episode, though, it’d be the timing of the rain storm. Similar to the problem with the missile: this is only an episode before the halfway point of the season. Of course they’re going to find a solution to this potentially catastrophic situation.

This episode gets extra demerit points for essentially being a deus ex machina, too. It was pretty obvious that the dome was going to block the bomb explosion last week. This time, the rain just comes out of fucking nowhere at the exact perfect moment.

Also, a little bit of rain is apparently enough to make everyone forget about the battery, gas, fuel and food shortages.

Why I hate this episode:

The rain also renders Big Jim’s subplot about hassling some guy named Ollie for well water moot.

And I don’t know why nobody could have predicted that the dome would have its own precipitation. They know that they’re encased inside an impenetrable dome. Wouldn’t it be fair to assume that any evaporated water would have nowhere to go?

Conversely, we know that water is able to come through into the dome, so you could take that to mean it can get out, too. What is going on?

Then there’s the 3rd option, which Julia theorises near the end of the episode: the dome is sentient and is giving the people water because they need it. Stop it, Stephen King. No.

Big Jim seems like a bit of a flip flopper when it comes to Angie. He released her last episode and seemed to show disgust at Junior/shame in himself. Then this episode, he’s all like “catch dat bitch before she blabs, son.” Then later, he’s all civil and trying to strike a deal with her. Stop confusing me. You know I’m too simple for it.

Alice’s diabetic haze couldn’t be more inconvenient. She stumbles into the street, sending a truck straight into the water tower. So contrived.

The rain comes down at the exact moment that Linda decides to pull her gun out to quell the riot. God forbid she gets to be badass.

Beth Broderick appears to still have faith in Big Jim and is uneasy about Angie’s story. Bitch, Angie’s been missing for, like, ever. Why would she lie about it? Rude.

Not that she deserved to die. It’s like the cancellation of Sabrina all over again.

Linda’s riot gear is disappointingly ineffective. I wanted to see her crack some skulls.

Oh, and I have accepted that Barbie will just arbitrarily help out everyone with anything just because. I am finally at peace.

Reasons to watch:

Barbie’s nice guy facade is being stretched, though. Twice this episode he comes close to killing someone in a fit of rage. Maybe there’s more for us to know about him.

One of those people is the guy who’s about to rape Angie. Barbie beats him up, and it feels so good. He also carries Angie out of the bar like a fucking superhero. He is beauty.

Barbie and Julia finally put their UST to good use and kiss in the rain, The Notebook style. You get some, Julia. I would.

Julia and the Engineer’s divining rod adventure was bloody adorable.

Norrie and Joe’s powers grow. They have the ability to block radio signals. And when they simultaneously touch the dome, they can reverse it. They fill Julia and the Engineer in on their seizure sitch, too.

Points for Julia, who thinks they should keep it hush-hush to protect Norrie and Joe from scrutiny from the townsfolk.

Norrie is improving upon her selfish, melodramatic self. She resists pilfering a little boy’s entire insulin supply. And her plan to use hospital records to track down Chester’s Mill’s diabetics was kinda awesome.

The lake is polluted by methane, and is flammable. I lol’d.

I’ll give Beth some points for trying to fend off the homicidal intruders. Poor thing. Big Jim seems genuinely upset to hear about her death.

Angie smashes Junior with a snowglobe to escape his clutches. Nice.

Oh, and Angie is out for real this time. No running to a lying-in-wait Junior anymore. Yeah, she only got to spill her deets to one person, who was then promptly killed, but even a taste of freedom for the poor girl is fine. Big Jim seems pretty sincere in his offer to keep her and Joe safe and content, and she looks like she’s ready to accept. Who run the world? Girls (with full assitance from a powerful man. #feminismwithacompromise).

Under the Dome Angie Junior Big Jim

Replace Big Jim with Barbie, and you’ve got yourself a deal, Angie.

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