Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 5 – TV Review

Under the Dome missile MOAB explosion

I’ve heard of sparks flying, but this is ridiculous.

Well it’s been 1 in-universe week inside the dome for the people of Chester’s Mill.

And they still haven’t resorted to lynch mobs and cannibalism.

Stop being so civilised.

TL;DR The army tries to bomb the dome. It doesn’t work. Everyone gets soap opera-y because they think they could die.

It’s about time they let the suds fly. Then I can really get my complaining started.

The plot this episode focuses on a new development: the army brings in relatives and loved ones outside the dome to “visit” the people trapped inside. Barbie leverages his army privilege to get some info out of them. Namely, that the army intends to MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) the dome. He informs Big Jim, Linda and Rachelle, and together they evacuate the townspeople to the cement factory. The bomb eventually hits, but does fuckin’ nothing to the dome. Before this, Big Jim makes the right choice and releases Britt (I’m gonna start calling her Angie. It’s finally stuck with me). Unfortunately, she runs home during the evacuation to a house that’s empty except for a pissed off Junior. He doesn’t kill her, though. Yet. Meanwhile, Li’l Bro and Norrie (after she gets some awkward family revelations at the visitation site) go gallavanting off together in an effort to finally look for Angie. They get caught outside as the missile approaches. They kiss, but don’t have seizures. Ooh.

And Barbie lets bad timing get in the way of him admitting he offed Rachelle’s husband. Pussy.

Continuing on from my admission last episode, this one is yet another not-awful entry for this still-promising series.

I suppose the lack of tension regarding the missile strike would have to be a detracting factor for this one, though. I mean, we’re only on episode 5. Of course Chester’s Mill isn’t gonna get blown up yet. It’s just, like, come on. Maybe they could have sustained a bit of damage or something, but not for a second did I think the missile would have any serious impact.

And it didn’t. Because I am never wrong.

Why I hate this episode:

Barbie gets roped into yet another “hey random guy who we don’t know, help us with this vital task right now” situation. This time it’s Linda asking him to crowd control the visitation site. I guess Mike Vogel must just have a super trustworthy face. I think this is just a plot point I’m going to have to accept.

Li’l Bro and Norrie are convinced that the dome is trying to send them messages. I’m braced for a Desperation-esque bucket of bullshit to pour down on this prom queen some point. Kinda hoping it doesn’t.

Big Jim takes his sweet time releasing Angie. Rude.

He then tells Junior what he’s done and is surprised when Junior runs off to get her. He kept her locked in a bunker for days. He’s not going to act rational. The one time where your abusive parenting style would have been beneficial, and you tried to be sensitive? What the fuck.

There’s a Windows Surface product placement. I didn’t realise I was watching The CW.

Norrie takes her melodramatic crybaby hat back from Li’l Bro when she runs off after learning her mums lied to her about her father. She needs to just get “TEEN ANGST” tattooed on her forehead and be done with it.

Oh, and the Reverend (though he is probably legit crazy, so maybe I should factor that in) plays a fucking stupid game with Big Jim. He’s all about repenting and stuff for their little drug scheme, and threatens to out Big Jim’s role if Big Jim doesn’t confess himself. Bro, you were in business with the dude. You should know that’s not a smart idea. Real shocking when Jim kills the bitch at the end.

Reasons to watch:

Although, watching Big Jim kill the Reverend was sweet for 2 reasons: 1) he kills him by pressing his hearing aid ear against the dome, melting his brain or some shit. Yum yum. 2) Big Jim is taking some precious steps towards what I hope is a genocidal destiny. Get on it.

Barbie and Rachelle’s relationship gets repaired a little bit, but not before Barbie spends the night in his crashed car. I lol’d.

He confesses some unlucky atrocity he committed while in the army (his unit accidentally gunned down a friendly unit), which helps them bond. He almost comes clean about what he did to her husband, but is interrupted.

Rachelle also makes an admission of her own, which is the second best line of the episode: “My bosses always hate me.” Subtle stab at the Twilight team replacing her? I like to think so.

Best line comes from the radio engineer chick. She and the DJ are slow dancing in what could be their final moments, and they share this tender exchange:
Engineer: “Can I say something, Phil?”
DJ: “Anything in the whole world.”
Engineer: “I hate you.”
DJ: “Yeah. I hate you, too.”
Then then head nuzzle while still dancing. This is my perfect world.

Big Jim lets Angie go. Thank fuck.

Li’l Bro and Norrie totally pash, but it doesn’t send them to seizure town. I wanted to hear more about the pink stars, personally.

She finds out her father wasn’t an anonymous nobody, and that Alice and he used to be a thing. Alice and Carolyn got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Linda kisses her fiancĂ© through the dome. So cute. She also informs him of his brother’s death. Aww.

Junior has been fully deputised, uniform and all. It is terrifying. And a bit hot.

Oh, and Junior appears to sincerely apologise to Angie for the whole, you know, kidnapping thing. And she appears to accept it. Although, this does happen when they think they’re about to be vaporised. And he has got a bit of incentive in his hands.

Under the Dome Junior deputy gun

“Anyone who’s spent more than 5 seconds in my company should know better.”

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