Side Effects – CBF Review

Side Effects Rooney Mara sexy

It’s Rooney Mara, so it’s impossible to tell.

2 in a row!

I’m not very proactive.

The plot starts off as a seemingly pointed critique on prescription drug issues before rapidly devolving into ridiculous scheme territory. Which is fantastic. Rooney “I’m more profound than you, nya nya” Mara is some chick who’s depressed because her white collar criminal husband (Channing Tatum) has spoiled her rich bitch existence. She goes to a shrink, Jude Law, who puts her on a cocktail of drugs to earn money from naughty pharmaceutical companies. She goes bonkers and sleepwalk stabs Channing to death. The usual. Jude’s life crumbles, but he notices that there might be more to Rooney than she wants him to see. Lesbian scandal, stock price capers, marital disintegration and triumph against evil ensue.

I hate this movie because Channing died way too early (and his stabbing looked too pussy to be fatal. Maybe slasher movies have given me a skewed expectation for knife injury survival?); Jude doesn’t appear to really take responsibility for putting Rooney on a dangerous combination of prescriptions (yeah, she was lying all over the bitch, but everyone agreed that mixing those drugs was a no-no. Be aware of yo’self, Jude); and while I like that it went berserk with the thriller aspect, it did miss a chance to have something to say.

You should watch because the descent into absurd thriller madness is great (the lesbian scandal is between Rooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And they kiss and shit. Yes, please. Plus, Jude totally owns those bitches); the casting is cool (Channing, Jude, Rooney, Catherine, the manager woman from Compliance, and Vinessa “The Hills Have Eyes remake was awesome” Shaw); and Steven Soderbergh definitely knows how to shoot, edit and score a film, man.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

I’d really only watch it again to see Catherine and Rooney hook up. #movingon

Side Effects Catherine Zeta-Jones Rooney Mara kiss

Do you get it?


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