Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 6 – TV Review

Pretty Little Liars Ashley arrested Roma Maffia

Wha’ ‘chu sayin’ ’bout mah Ashley, woman!?

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
This week is bland-tacular.
Our count is now 4 relish (I don’t like relish), 2 delish.

Hanna goes in jail, then gets out.

Ashley helps Hanna out of jail, then gets thrown in.

The Marin women just can’t make up their minds, can they?

TL;DR For reals, though, Ashley is totes arrested for offing Wilden. Aria gets slut shamed (finally), Ravenswood is introduced (it doesn’t look good, guys), nothing else of value happens.

Mona’s back, too.

So let’s see what each of our bitches are up to:

It’s yet another Hanna-centric episode this week (having a possible murderer for a mum will do that). Tom and Ashley bust her out of jail, but they fight amongst themselves over the gun situation. Ashley admits to taking it, but swears she didn’t kill Wilden, or bring the gun into her house. Hanna suspects A is framing her. And they’re doing a good job, because Ashley gets arrested when the gun proves to be a match. Uh oh.

Mona outs Toby as the RV thief (she’s been MIA because she was tracking it down), and says that Spencer knew about it. This causes friction with the other Liars. Determined to redeem herself, Spencer sets out with Toby to find that sorority’s old house mother, Carla Grunwald. They travel to Ravenswood and find her, but she plays dumb. They also see Shana there.

Speaking of Shana, bitch is now taking Emily’s place on the Rosewood swim team. Emily, in a bid to bring her down, gets the dashcam footage from Wilden’s car, edits it to only the part where Shana and Jenna were in it, and anonymously drops it off to Roma Maffia, the no-nonsense new cop. She’s not as stealthy as she thought, though, and she is in big trouble.

And Aria helps tutor some friend of Mike’s named Connor. He makes a move on her, but she brushes it off. He then tells everyone that they hooked up, and when Aria tries to squash him, he calls her out for banging Ezra. She cries. Mike stands up for her eventually.

I never thought an Aria plot line related to Ezra could be as enjoyable as this week’s. It’s high time Aria got the slut shaming she deserves. Like, you did fucking fuck your teacher. That shit’s gonna get around.

But enjoying Aria’s hurt aside, the big problem this episode is the Ravenswood stuff. I’m getting way too much of a supernatural vibe. No no no no no, PLL. Don’t do that. Nothing screams seasonal decay like introducing (even if they’re only “possible”) supernatural elements.

Fucking don’t. Please.

Why I hate this episode:

Ravenswood is also a colour black hole. All the scenes there are moodily washed out. It’s distracting, and a pathetic attempt to make things appear serious.

There’s a weird, cult-like atmosphere, too. There are speakers that chime, which signals every visible townsperson to converge at some statue in reverence. What the fuck, PLL? Where did this come from?

A raven (crow? I’m not an ornithologist) randomly falls from the sky onto Spencer and Toby’s car. Ugh. So moody. So dumb.

Emily’s plan was so fucking stupid, and not even for the reason she actually gets caught. Don’t you think a goddamn police station would have, like, I don’t know, surveillance cameras? That should have been her first concern. In actuality, she gets caught because Roma isn’t an idiot and can tell it’s obviously Emily in the video, but Jesus.

Hanna won’t tell her parents about A because of A’s threat that if she does, both her parents will be taken down. Bitch, Ashley’s already been arrested (and it looks really bad). What has Tom ever done for you? Marry some bitch with a psychopath daughter? I say let A try. At least you might have a chance if you can work together.

You’d think someone so shameless as to fuck their teacher and be indignant when it gets found out (it’s Aria, if you hadn’t guessed) could handle a little bit of jibing from a young douchebag. But no, it’s straight to the bed with the tissues for fragile ol’ Aria. Suck it up.

Ezra is pouty about people being meeeeeeeeaaan to Aria. And he’s still pining for her. Yuck.

Aria describes the her/Ezra rumour as having “some truth” to it. Some?

I don’t really get why Toby is so averse to telling the Liars about the investigation into his mum’s death. Am I missing something?

Oh, and for such an apparent badass, watching Shana play her violin at an open mic night is embarrassingly dorky. Incongruous.

Reasons to watch:

We finally (presuming Ashley is telling the truth) get to the bottom of what Ashley did. Wilden was trying to extort money from her, so she went to Tom. When denied, she took the gun because she was scared. During their confrontation, Wilden snatched the gun from her hands, so she panicked and left. And the gun is confirmed to be the murder weapon.

Ashley’s claim that she didn’t bring the gun into the house means A is totes framing her. How efficient.

It was a bit sad when she was led away in handcuffs. She does the whole “no matter what, take care of Hanna” routine. Oh, Ashley. You’re too good for this world.

Aria gets a tiny piece of the enormous amount of comeuppance she’s built up over the years. Also, when Ezra tries to comfot her or whatever, she tells him to stay away from her. Please do.

Mike backing her up was cute, too. He smashes the shit out of Connor’s car. If he’s gonna be doing crime, at least let it be fun crime. Not boring, breaking into people’s garages crime.

Emily takes a dig of her own when she puts him on garbage duty. Abuse of power is the best use of power.

As much as I find Shana unimpressive, at least we’re getting a few more deets on her. She’s got some connection to Ravenswood. She escapes from Spencer and Toby by hopping into Jenna’s car, so it looks like that’s still going on.

Mona’s back. She says she found the RV, but A has taken everything. So now they’ve got all the dirt. Oops.

Spencer get’s second best line when Mona first pops up: “Where the hell have you been?” Yeah.

Best line goes to Toby, who is rightfully skeptical about Spencer’s mission againts Grunwald: “Let’s face the facts: you’re following a lead that came from a bird.” Yeah.

Honourable mention to Emily, who is talking to Caleb for Hanna, who has been grounded: “She also wanted me to cop a feel on her behalf, but…” Oh, go on. If gay guys can motorboat girls, then gay girls can assgrab guys. #equality

Emily also calls Shana a “seeing eye dog” for Jenna. Those blind jokes never get old.

Hanna now fully believes in Ashley’s innocence. Marin power!

Aria is brutal towards Connor’s essay. I lol’d.

In the A stinger, A is wearing an Emily mask.

Oh, and Hanna is back to her casual worst. 2 outfits with tights as pants? That’s the Hanna I know. Also, colour choice.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna orange top shirt

Should have listened to Sharpay, Hanna.

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