Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 4 – TV Review

Under the Dome Joe Norrie seizure shoosh

Fuck me, right?

Seriously, give me something to harp on about, Under the Dome.

It’s like Bates Motel all over again.

Let me whiiiiiiiiiine.

TL;DR Some of the townsfolk get sick but then it goes away, Rachelle gets halfway to the truth about Barbie and her husband, and Junior ingratiates himself to Linda and his dad by being mildly heroic.

Yep. He’s a psychopath. Not that I really had any doubts.

So the plot picks up on Rachelle’s finding of Barbie’s map from last episode. Her investigation leads her to the radio DJ, whose information leads her to discovering that her husband was super in debt due to a gambling addiction. When confronted, Barbie confesses that he is an enforcer for a bookie, but lies about the husband’s whereabouts (he says he probably just ran off, instead of “I killed dat bitch“). She still chucks him out, though. Rachelle, the DJ, Linda, and a bunch of the townsfolk also come down with meningitis. Barbie teams up again with Big Jim to solve the problem. They get some antibiotics that the Reverend stole and save the day. Meanwhile, Big Jim leaves Junior with a shotgun and in charge of keeping the patients under quarantine. Junior does an admirable job of it, but is clearly still fucking insane. And Britt accidentally bursts a water pipe in the bunker, which leads to Big Jim finding her just as the episode ends.

Something tells me that being okay with kidnapping and imprisonment for the sake of one’s pride might just run in the family for these men.

I’m genuinely disappointed that Under the Dome refuses to give me any fodder to bitch about.

There are some minor plot contrivances. But when your premise is “magic dome appears; traps people,” your reference level for plot contrivances can be forgiven.

And hey, I’m even warming up to Junior. As a character that generates interesting plot developments. Not as a person.

Fuck Junior.

Why I hate this episode:

The plot contrivance is essentially Barbie and Big Jim’s team up. It wasn’t exactly sunshine and roses last episode. I don’t know why Barbie would jump at the chance to be his partner again.

Li’l Bro spends most of the episode playing “let’s trigger a seizure” with Norrie, but now 3 days into his sister’s disappearance, and he still isn’t worried. He makes a token effort of asking Junior where she is, but doesn’t get a useful answer. Then when he’s offering Norrie and her parents to stay at his place, he says it’s just him there. Go look for your sister, jerk!

Norrie shows that she is aware of who Wolverine and the X-Men are. This is apparently impressive. What?

The meningitis epidemic appears and disappears within a single day. And apart from that one chick who dies, it affects nobody in any real way.

Rachelle trusts Junior more than she trusts Barbie. Silly girl.

Junior’s speech to deter the patients wanting to break the quarantine is underwhelming. He has some 5 second spiel about how he believes in the town, then drops the gun and walks off. This is enough to convince a group of people who were willing to rush a dude with a fucking shotgun to be like “Oh well, let’s just stay.” Umm.

Melodramatic, bizarre proclamations have rubbed off from Norrie to Li’l Bro. After they review the tape of them seizing and see Li’l Bro shoosh the camera, he’s suggests it’s because the dome doesn’t want them to tell anyone about what they’re experiencing.

Oh, and Britt tries and fails to stab Junior. Damn it.

Reasons to watch:

On the other hand, Britt almost stabs Junior.

And someone’s finally discovered her. Please let her out, Big Jim. If for no other reason than to get her in some new outfits. And some makeup.

Rachelle got my hint about being an overly trusting idiot and has rightfully busted Barbie’s chops. She put her journalist’s curiosity to good use and actually got to the bottom of something. And she’s kicked him out of her house (even without knowing he killed her husband). Way to get it together, gurlfriend.

Linda gets a cutesy subplot about her being in the same room with her old primary school teacher. Both of them are sick. They exchange fluffy banter about how Linda wasn’t a nice student but she’s grown into a respectable sheriff. You know the drill. Then later, when the hospital only has enough medicine for one of them, the teacher sacrifices herself to save Linda. What a trooper.

She also gets best line: “If you told me yesterday that the idea of Junior Rennie brandishing a shotgun would be reassuring, I’d have laughed my head off.” Ikr.

Speaking of the devil, Junior is full tilt crazy, yo. He does his big performance just to look impressive. Then when he gets praise from Linda and his dad, he walks off with a slasher smile behind their backs. Dude’s whack.

Then again, he seems sincerely helpful to Rachelle (she calls him by his real name, James, which he appreciates), so maybe he’s a bit more complex. I’ll allow it. He’s also surprisingly civil to Barbie. There could be hope for him yet.

Li’l Bro and Norrie investigate their seizures by filming themselves touching. They do go into one, but as you know, Li’l Bro sits up and makes a shooshing motion to the camera (which he wasn’t in control of). That’s some creepy shit.

And I was wrong about the phrase they’re saying. It’s not “the stars,” it’s “pink stars.” Fabulous.

Alice (Norrie’s mum. The one who isn’t FemCop from Cult) steps up to the plate when they need a doctor. She’s the less selfish, less city slicker one of the relationship. Carolyn (FemCop) later tries to nick some insulin from the hospital for Alice. Alice is like “bitch, that’s rude” and forces her to put it back. Thank you.

The Reverend dumps a shitload of money off on Big Jim and wipes his hands of their “business.” Good luck.

Norrie takes selfies while bored. Just like us.

The DJ tells Barbie that Rachelle’s husband was asking about hitmen before his “disappearance.” Looks like Rachelle might have dodged an actual bullet there.

Oh, and Linda deputises Junior. Uh oh.


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