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Pretty Little Liars Hanna tumblr

I know, I know.

It’s a real quick one today, everyone.

I regret to inform you that I have joined tumblr.

I am experiencing the requisite amount of shame, though.

So dirty.

While digging through my mountain of Hanna fashion fuck-ups for my Hanna Marin: Fashionistard “Blog” blog post a couple of weeks ago, I realised that I might not be being too fair on the poor girl.

I should be giving all of her outfits per episode their time to shine their ugly, bizarre shine.

And instead of cluttering up I Just Hate Everything’s beautiful, sleek design with vain image posts, I had to decide somewhere to outsource it to.

And nowhere screams “vain image posts” more than tumblr.

So each week I’ll be posting a very professional collage of all of Hanna’s outfits and deciding which are awful, and which are just average. Though the little blonde bitch has gotten a jump on me lately. Shockingly, most of her outfits this season have been enjoyable. I really should have done this last season.

As for my disdainful position on tumblr (if you hadn’t picked that up already), most of my experience with it has been through the subreddit r/tumblrinaction. It’s a fantastic source of humour, but it doesn’t inspire much faith in humanity.

I have heard that tumblr fandoms can be insanely rabid, though.

Oh well, as long as I’m inciting hatred in some form, I guess I can chalk that up as a victory.

I’d also love to expand my shallow fashion critiques to other shows. Regina in flashback form is a constant winner.

Once Upon a Time Maleficent zombie Hook

Maleficent has her moments, too.


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