I Give It a Year – CBF Review

I Give It a Year Rose Byrne Simon Baker

And lots of swearing, too. I like swearing.

Sometimes you’re in a really good space to watch a slightly vulgar, witty, formula-bending romcom.

And sometimes (like this time. Did you see I was going there?), you’re not.

That’s not to say I Give It a Year is horrible or boring or bland, but it’s… well.

Well, no, it is a bit bland.

But still cute.

The plot is about Rose Byrne and her husband Rafe Spall (the reporter from Life of Pi), who, 9 months into their marriage, find themselves on edge with each other. And distracted by respective romantic interests (Simon Baker for her, Anna Faris for him). Determined to make it to a full 12 months with their marriage in tact, Rose and Rafe stick it out to make it work. But then they end up deciding they hate each other as husband and wife and merrily split up to be with their more suited partners.

I hate this movie because Rose and Rafe end up hating fundamental things about each other that they should have noticed within the first 7 months; Anna Faris has crap, brown hair (and I still think she fucked up her lips); and it’s just bizarre that Rose Byrne is an Australian actress playing a British character, and Simon Baker is an Australian actor playing an American character. It bothered me. Because I’m petty like that.

You should watch because there are some amazing one-liners (“2008. I was still using ‘lol’ unironically and wearing ballet flats.” -Rose. Lol) and the general tone of the humor is enjoyably flippant; Rose and Rafe don’t stay together, which is nice for a change; and the ending credits billed both Rose Byrne and Anna Faris before Rafe Spall and Simon Baker. Again, nice for a change. #girlpower

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

It was very funny, but it wasn’t a great love story, and it wasn’t memorable. The time it’ll stay in my memory? I give it a year. Or a couple of months. Whatever.

I Give It a Year ending scene

Especially when it entails proclamations of hatred. And divorce.

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