Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 2 – TV Review

Under the Dome Mike Vogel Barbie shirtless


Much like Bates Motel, Under the Dome is delivering 2 things I appreciate:

Gore and Mike Vogel.

I think we’re in for a good time with this one, guys.

TL;DR We learn some more about the dome, and about Barbie. And the townsfolks’ earlier, subdued reaction begins to falter.

Big Jim hasn’t quite started up his roving death squads yet (I did compare him to Hitler. I’m hyperbolic, but you get the point). I can wait.

The plot’s still finding itself evenly split amongst several threads, but I’ll try to keep it simple for you. Barbie has flashbacks to killing Rachelle Lefevre’s husband. He was collecting money from hubby, but hubby fought back. It didn’t go so well, did it? Barbie continues to roll around with Rachelle and shit, though. Later, when the Sheriff’s house catches fire, Barbie leads the effort to put it out. Speaking of the Sheriff, he’s totes dead from his pacemaker ouchie. Deputy Linda steps into his shoes and tries to keep things under control. A gung ho deputy goes a bit crazy and kills her other deputy, but Linda’s hangin’ in there. Big Jim, the now-dead Sheriff and the Reverend were doing something shady (the propane is part of it), and it appears to be drug related. The Reverend causes the fire when trying to destroy evidence. Elsewhere, Rachelle uses the radio station to relay military info they’ve been eavesdropping on. Britt’s Li’l Bro finds out the size and some properties of the dome. And Junior (Britt’s crazy boyfriend) gets beat up by Barbie when he tries to attack him. Britt’s still locked up, though.

That’s a lot of plot threads. And they’re all pretty okay.

Junior’s still a whackjob, but Britt is staying strong and his attempt on Barbie goes hilariously badly. So I’m satisfied.

Yeah, no big complaints about this one.


Why I hate this episode:

So let’s nitpick.

Has nobody noticed that Britt isn’t around? Not even her brother? Like, she had multiple jobs. I know it’s only been a day, but come on. Maybe someone will pick up on it next episode. I just want her to get out of that bunker and be the cool protagonist she wasn’t allowed to be in The Secret Circle.

Mike Vogel’s abs aren’t as impressive as I’d like.

The radio engineer and DJ do a terrible job of stopping Rachelle from taking over their broadcast. They were specifically withholding the fact that the barrier is a dome to avoid panic. Then Rachelle is like “Imma tell, yo” and they make the most token effort to be like “Nah, wait. Oh nuu, don’t tell. Meh.” Wat?

The lesbians’ daughter is a bit of a cunt. She fucking shoplifts from a gas station. Bitch, no. Have some respect.

And after Rachelle’s broadcast, she melodramatically does a “We’re all gonna die” proclamation. Ugh. I hope you do, at least.

The Reverend burns down the Sheriff’s house right after we see he’d left it to Linda in his will (they had a father/daughter relationship). Rude.

Li’l Bro uses the power of high school trigonometry to deduce the scale of the dome. Stealth education PSA?

Gung ho colleague is a fuck knuckle. He gets the cool cop (who also happens to be Linda’s impending brother-in-law) killed for no reason. Dick.

Oh, and Britt, while being a badass, probably shouldn’t be antagonising the guy who just fucking chained you into a fallout shelter. It works out okay.

Reasons to watch:

It works out more than okay, actually. She makes Junior mad enough to track down Barbie. Barbie proceeds to beat the shit out of him. When Junior returns to the bunker, he claims to have killed Barbie. Britt don’t believe that, son. Yeah, bitch.

Li’l Bro and Asian Friend find out something pretty cool about the dome. It works like a sieve with water. They happen upon some military scientists spraying it, so Li’l Bro puts his hand against the area. And it gets wet. Ooh.

News of the dome-ness of the barrier makes the townsfolk a little edgier (you know how the lesbians’ daughter reacted). I guess acting reasonable was nice for a change, but I’m gonna change my mind and wish for some mayhem. It’ll keep the show alive.

Linda is a great authority figure, though. She’s sensible and sensitive, yet strong and capable. She reminded me a lot of the Sheriff from Wrong Turn 5, who was also a fantastic leader. Girl power.

The radio crew seem genuine. I like them.

I’m fairly certain the secret between Big Jim, the Sheriff and the Reverend is something to do with making drugs. The Reverend is high and Big Jim scolds him for using “our stuff.” Scandalous.

And as punishment for burning down Linda’s inheritance, the Reverend almost dies in the fire. I lol’d.

Second best line goes to Barbie’s retort to Junior just before they start fighting:
Junior: “She belongs to me.”
Barbie: “That’s too bad for her.”

Best line is for Rachelle, with support from Barbie (dude is fun). Rachelle is trying to get the attention of some military goons on the other side of the barrier from her:
Barbie: “You could strip naked in front of these guys and they’re still not gonna pay attention.”
Rachelle: “I tried that an hour ago. They didn’t even blink.”
Damn, that bitch’s mind works fast.

The lesbians put their complaining aside and enthusiastically help out with the bucket chain to put out the house fire. Nice.

The propane tank (always with the propane. What is this? King of the Hill?) next to the Sheriff’s house explodes, and it looks pretty cool. Dat good budget.

Oh, and Li’l Bro and Asian Friend come across a dog barking at what’s left of his owner. Yum yum.

Under the Dome severed legs

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