Grimm Season 2 – Season Review

Grimm Nick David Giuntoli

“Shutup baby, I know it.”

Like Happy Endings, I had been watching Grimm on the DL.

Unlike Happy Endings, I’m happy to review this show. Because it’s often awful.

But damn, David Giuntoli is attractive. And he’s a nice, Italian boy I can take home to mama.

If he’s still the lead character, I’ll keep watching this show until it dies (hopefully soon, because it’s pretty bad).

TL;DR The CGI got stepped up, so there’s that. The plot is insanely slow-moving, though. And much like Beauty & the Beast, focuses way (way. Way) too much on the romantic aspect. The characters have more dimension than the B&tB gang, though.

Hank and Tess should hook up and get their own spin-off.

The plot this season spends so much time on Juliette. She has explosive amnesia following that cat scratch from Adalind, but the only thing she doesn’t remember is Nick. Cue him trying extremely hard to win her back. A love triangle also ensnares Nick’s Captain, which takes super long to play out. Eventually that gets sorted and Juliette not only regains her memories, but is brought up to speed on the whole Grimm thing. The actual plot sticks similar to the first season, with Nick taking on a new type of monster person each episode. An arc develops near the end with the Captain (who is a half-blood Wesen royal) teaming up with Nick to thwart the villainous plans of his brother. Then it’s over. A major subplot happens concurrently with Adalind, who got preggers with either the Captain or his brother’s baby. She shops that royal spawn around to some old gypsies in Austria.

Look, I’ll put you out of your misery and tell you it’s not as bland as Beauty & the Beast.

But it’s still boring. This season tries to open up the scope by including the royals, but the Juliette stuff suffocates the plot so much that it feels like a lazy afterthought. Similarly, Adalind, my favourite character (she’s blonde and bitchy. Duh) is shipped off to Austria for all but, like, 1 episode. She’s like the Daenerys of Grimm: removed, supposedly important, but with zero influence on the actual plot.

It’s all just so strikingly blah.

Why I hate this season:

Seriously, Adalind needs to get back amongst it. The episode where she came back to stir shit up was the most fun time all season. She’s such a hot, blonde bitch.

The Juliette/Captain love thing is frustratingly overplayed. It’s easily the most prominent thing in every episode it features in up until its resolution halfway through the fucking season.

Juliette then goes on to suffer from her slowly (emphasis on the “slowly”) recovering memory of Nick until a couple of episodes from the end. God, it’s banal. It wouldn’t be so bad if Juliette actually contributed to the proper plot in any way. But she doesn’t.

And even when she tries to do that, it’s pointless. In the finale she insists in coming along with Nick, Monroe and Rosalie when they go to cure the zombies. Despite the fact that she has no business being there. I keep wanting to care about Juliette, but she really is just nothing.

Rosalie suffers from the exact opposite of this. Her spice shop is the deus ex machina solution to every Wesen problem Nick faces. Usual plot progression goes: Nick encounters problem > Nick gets advice/equipment from Rosalie/Monroe > Nick solves problem. I’m all for formula, but come on. Nick already has his trailer of goodies (and his Book of Shadows esque tomes).

Speaking of that trailer, for something so important, it’s not secure in any way. Adalind gets the location of it from Juliette with the barest of effort, and the Captain raids that shit. He doesn’t find what he wanted (the key), but damn. Lock it up, Nick.

There are a couple of incongruous Wesen. There’s one that is a glowing, blue alien thing. They are explained to be reptilian or something with arbitrary bioluminescence, but Jesus. There’s also an episode where a Spanish ghost monster attacks children, and it isn’t explained at all.

Juliette is averse to being with Nick while she’s suffering her amnesia. Bitch, if I woke up in a relationship with David Giuntoli, I wouldn’t question it.

If Eric is Austrian (he’s very proud of Vienna, so I guess he is), why does he have a British accent?

The ending of the season is even less whole than Once Upon a Time’s. It ends right in the middle of the action going down with Eric’s zombie hoarde. Again, I understand the purpose of sequel hooks, but this is ridiculous. There’s no conclusion. They even have the gall to do a “To be continued,” and then to mock us by saying we should have expected it. Mocking people for their reasonable expectations is my job, bitches.

Oh, and Fuchspau (Rosalie’s Wesen species) are way too close to being Furry bait. Monroe even comments on how sexy her wesen form is. Don’t give the Furries fuel.

Reasons to watch:

David Giuntoli is, like, really pretty.

I like the little family that Nick eventually forms. He’s got Monroe, then Rosalie, then he clues Hank in on everything, then the Captain turns out to be an ally, and finally Juliette (even though she has no practical applications). Teamwork.

Even in her limited role, Adalind still manages to be fantastic. I recall being surprised that she was turning into a recurring character during season 1 (I assumed she was just a throwaway baddie for the pilot), and now she’s a full-blown regular. Cool.

Her subplot is the most interesting thing about this season. She’s looking around Austria for someone to get her the Hexenbiest powers back that Nick took away from her. Bitch is determined. She ends up in a squabble between an old Hexenbiest and a gypsy matriarch. It’s surprisingly fun. The gypsy wins, btw.

And they’ve stepped up the facial CGI stuff. It’s still got its flaws, but I’m glad they worked on it. They use practical makeup in some of the Wesen actions scenes as well. They’re gettin’ there.

The Wesen Royalty stuff hasn’t devolved to the soap opera dramatics of TVD‘s Original vampires just yet. I don’t hold much hope that it won’t get there, though.

Speaking of TVD’s Originals, one of them shows up as a Royal Wesen. It’s Mama Mikaelson. There a couple of cute cameos, actually. Arkin from The Collector/The Collection shows up as the father of a homicidal Wesen child. And Mindy from season 3 of Veronica Mars reprises her role of Monroe’s naughty acquaintance.

Best line goes to Frau Pech (Adalind’s old Hexenbiest bidder):
Adalind: “I’m pregnant.”
Frau Pech: “Oh ja? Who is the unlucky man?”
Old gal’s still got it.

There’s an episode with a Wesen who bisects his victims at the waist. It’s gooey-licious.

There’s a short-lived subplot with a wannabe Grimm vigilante (again with the vigilantes) who is more traditional Grimm (ie. murders the crap out of Wesen). Also, he’s Nick’s intern. He was an intern in Bones, too. Cute.

Oh, and there’s a still-unanswered mystery with what the key leads to. When combined with the others, it will show the way to some ancient, forbidden treasure of untold power and danger. I want to believe.

Grimm Adalind Frau Pech strangled

And it’s equally as unhealthy as getting strangled.

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5 responses to “Grimm Season 2 – Season Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    Nice review, maybe as a small comment / correction. The Gypsies aren’t located in Austria but in the Black Forest, which is in fact pretty much in Germany, not really close to Vienna (’bout 490 miles to go).

    I assumed Eric was french, as he used to speak french with the Captain. Like expect when Nick was supposed to listen in on their conversations of course @.@;

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      The Black Forest is real? I gotta Google more often.

      Yeah, the accent thing is just a personal bugaboo of mine. Why can’t he have a cool, foreign accent? Gypsy Matriarch got one.

      Such gender inequality!

      • Teylen says :

        Yes it is. It’s called Schwarzwald in German, you can find it here:

        I am not so good at spotting accent but I do watch the show mostly for it’s sometimes fun way to display Germany (I just moved to a town close to the Black Forst) and kind of strange use of German.
        Curiously enough they did improve on the German they used, specially Adelind, Frau Pech and the Gypsy Matriach were understandable.

        About Eric, I guess they couldn’t decide whether it’s more cool for a Royal to be English, cuz of the Royals, or to be French as French could be considered a sexy language. So they stuck him in the middle XD

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