The Impossible – CBF Review

The Impossible Naomi Watts scream cry tsunami

Despite my apathy towards this movie, I’d say Naomi gave it a pretty good shot.

It was pretty.

But eh.

I mean, like, I get it.

But eh.


The plot revolves around the true story of a family that fucking miraculously survived the horrifying 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Naomi Watts is the mum, Ewan McGregor is the dad. Watts and their eldest son Lucas are swept far away and struggle to find help for their injuries, eventually setlling in an overwhelmed hospital. Ewan and the younger sons manage to hole up in the hotel, then later go search for their missing family. Everything ends up okay. Devastation abounds, though.

I hate this movie because, much like Hitchcock, it’s kinda just “here is something that happened IRL. Nothing more,”; I had quite a bit of tearjerking hype built up by friends who had seen it (I am aware this is a problem specific to me, so shoosh) and ended up being not particularly moved by it; and during the sweeping away sequence with Naomi and the eldest son, they both keep letting go of decent safety holds in attempts to reach other. It works out, but damn, you should have just hung on.

You should watch because the effects are ridic (the tsunami itself, and the ensuing devastation and set work and good grief it’s well done); Naomi acts like her life’s depending on it (which works for the character); and the happy ending is genuinely heartwarming.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 stars.

It was nice, but it’s nothing I’ll really bother remembering.

The Impossible Naomi Watts



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