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So yeah, as the Best Of lists might have made you realise, it’s been a whole year since I Just Hate Everything got its shit started.

So I thought I’d just take a second to check in. You know, see how you are.

How are you?

Did you buy that? Of course not. You know I’m too cold and bitter for that.

Sometimes it’s nice to pretend, though.

Look, I’m not gonna take up too much of your time. Let’s just get into it.

I’ve learned a few a things from I Just Hate Everything in the past year. The most important would have to be that being a fucking cunt jerk does not equal being funny. If you go back and look through some of my earliest reviews, you’ll see my mistake. I still cringe over how thin and objectively rude my Game of Thrones Season 1 review was.

Mind you, I still stand by every point I make in that post. I still think HBO’s style isn’t enjoyable, Anna Paquin is still gap-toothed, and there are way too many characters in GOT. But the problem was that I didn’t present these observations in a manner that would lead people to hate with me. Rather than hate just me, instead.

Game of Thrones also has an army of blind, obsessed fanboys that can never be meaningfully engaged with anwyay. So there’s that. At least Glee and Gossip Girl’s fans know that their favourite show is terrible.

But the Game of Thrones post taught me to be fairer, which was a hard time for someone as eternally discontent as myself. But I also had to face the truth that no matter how objectionable I find something, there’s always components that are worthwhile (except you, Movie 43. You’re special).

Side note: never try to promote yourself on Reddit, especially if it’s an acid-spewing, poorly conceived Game of Thrones review into the r/gameofthrones fanboy circlejerk subreddit.

I learned that Glee’s fans (as already noted) are impressively self-aware. A far cry from their obviously oblivious creator.

On a related note, I learned that Ryan Murphy isn’t always an Aesop-hammering princess. How on earth did the man responsible for Glee manage to create something as not-terrible as American Horror Story? He’s an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a rainbow flag.

I learned that The CW is willing to try anything. And are not afraid to cancel the fuck out of it.

And I learned that ABC can take a struggling show and revamp it into something wonderful, while simultaneously rewarding a compelling show with hokey plot twists and a soap opera injection that would kill even Ronn Moss.

That’s enough of that.

There have been a few shows I’ve watched this year that I chose to omit from I Just Hate Everything. Here they are:

Happy Endings. This is my new favourite sitcom (sorry, 30 Rock). Literally since the short first season, there hasn’t been a single dud episode. Not one. Alex is my favourite dumb blonde ever. I didn’t review it because I wouldn’t be able to find enough fault with it to have anything to say. For reals.

Hannibal. Bones’ gore department has finally met its match. This show has an excellent cast (Hugh Dancy be representin’ Confessions of a Shopaholic. And something something Mads Mikkelsen) and a refreshing lack of melodrama. I didn’t review it because it came along at a time where my schedule was already pretty full, and I just wanted to enjoy something without having to be critical of it. Hate me.

Grimm. I’ve only gotten around to watching the 1st season, and it was pretty atrocious. Those facial CGI effects are fucking hilarious. I’m only really sticking with it to compare it unfavourably to Once Upon a Time. I didn’t review it because I started too late, and doing the catch-up stuff with Once Upon a Time was exhausting.

Arrow. Again, started pretty late with this one. I love that Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland are here, but I think I might just keep this one as a guilty pleasure and not have to think about it too much. I didn’t review it because I had just been burned by the mediocrity/cancellation of Cult, and I need some CW downtime.

The Walking Dead. Again (do you see a theme?), I caught up with this one too late. Zombies are cool, but the plot for seasons 2 and 3 were pretty stagnant. I didn’t review it because the fanbase would probably immolate me. Maybe season 4?

The Following. This is the best show I’ve watched this year that I didn’t post about. It’s from Kevin Williamson, writer of Scream (mah favourite movie, fyi) and creator of The Vampire Diaries (and The Secret Circle, but we don’t talk about that). It’s a tight, fast, serial killer thriller. And that ending just left me wanting more. I didn’t review it because, like Hannibal, I just wanted to enjoy it without having to deconstruct it constantly. I need to give myself a break from all this hard work sometimes, you know?

I also gave The Lying Game a go. Noped the fuck out of that half-assed bullshit.

As for movies, I’m pretty sure I reviewed almost every new movie I saw this year. I recall not bothering to post about Killer Elite because it was boring. Ditto Retreat. Ditto Killer Joe (which I mentioned having watched). And I let Madagascar 3 go because I just couldn’t be fucked (despite having a review type that should have fit that perfectly). But I was pretty diligent, otherwise.

So yeah, it’s been a fun year. If you have any feedback/requests/questions/suggestions, you know how to comment on an article on the Internet. So do that if you want to.

And remember: never stop hating. Try to get other people to hate with you, then you can spread your hate around. It’s your duty.

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11 responses to “A Year (and 2 weeks) of I Just Hate Everything – Blog”

  1. Emma says :

    You’ve ripped apart quite a few things I love, but I really don’t mind, because your reviews are quite honest. I think the hardcore fans need to take a step back and not take criticisms on their favourite shows/movies as a personal attack/get overly defensive and abusive.

    If you choose to review Season 4 of The Walking Dead this coming October, I would be keen to read your reviews. It’s one of my favourites but I don’t mind your scathing, blunt opinions.

  2. Teylen says :

    I’d actually like to see reviews of Arrow, Grimm and even Game of Thrones. I am a total fan of GoT but I still like to hear other opinions and didn’t find your review on the first episode as insulting. ^^
    About Walking Dead, would be fun too. Though am not sure am up to switch in for the next season as the last thing was kinda a lackluster @.@;

    You don’t like have to review all episodes of a show?
    Oh and Cults been canceled?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Cult’s cancellation isn’t “official,” but it might as well be. http://tvline.com/2013/04/10/cult-cancelled-the-cw/
      If I can get my hands on the final episodes, I will definitely finish them off.

      I’ve been doing a bit of tweeting as I watch Arrow, and you can find them on the Facebook page, too. Here’s the twitter link: https://twitter.com/IJHEverything

      And tbh, I’ve actually been sitting on some Game of Thrones season 2 notes for a while now. But then I started watching season 3, and now I can’t remember what happened in season 2. #FirstWesterosProblems
      We’ll see.

      Oh, and thank you for reading. Obv.

  3. Manon says :

    I think you are the Messiah. You ask for Bonnie’s death and the bitch is gone. Thank you so much. And thanks for Declan’s too.

    Please ask for a nuclear explosion at McKinley,

    Your loyal French reader, Manon

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