TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 23

You know, Revenge had a pretty good shot at the best finale I’ve seen this week.

It’s certainly ahead of Once Upon a Time. And Glee (but there’s no surprise there. At all).

But TVD always brings the goods in finales. Always.

Maybe Revenge will have its revenge (ah ha!) next season.

If I can make it through Revenge’s next season.

TL;DR O.M.Wow. The dead characters threaten graduation, Jeremy is revived for good (called it), Bonnie is dead for real (didn’t call it), Katherine is force fed the cure. And Elena chooses Damon.

Which, as we know, will only last until next season’s premiere. Or up to 4 episodes in. If we’re lucky.

So the plot revolves around graduation, which is a apparently still a concern, despite the fact that the scorned victims of everyone’s murders are rolling around. The hunters try to band together to get Silas and the cure so they can kill him. They fail. Kol leads the massacre victims in trying to force Bonnie into leaving the veil down. They fail. Meanwhile, Elena still tries to make a decision about which Salvatore she wants to bang. It’s Damon. So Stefan leaves on a journey of self-discovery or some shit. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Matt bond over being stuck on a bomb. It works out okay. Meanwhile, Bonnie embraces death and is happy her spell has brought Jeremy back to life. Meanwhile, Klaus and Caroline make up. Later, Katherine beats the crap outta Elena, but Elena makes her take the cure. And Silas reveals that his stony imprisonment faltered when Bonnie died, that Stefan is his doppelganger, and then he pushes Stefan into a box and throws him in a deep body of water.

Now Stefan and Elena can be special, doppelganger snowflakes together. Aww.

To be honest (am I ever not?) I had an amazingly good time with this episode. Like I said, TVD never fails with season finales. It’s what good soap/drama/CW shows are made of. The bashing of Elena at the end (see images below) made me the happiest I’ve been all year. For real.

My biggest issue with the episode would have to be the insistence on everyone going to graduation. Guess what event perfectly plays into Kol’s hand to threaten to ensure Bonnie’s cooperation?

It’s okay. You don’t have to guess.

Why I hate this episode:

Kol also gets to be on the other side of this, too. The entire threat of him and his legion of pissed off followers completely evaporates when Klaus shows up and decapitates one of the witches (this one). Umm, why is this supposed to be intimidating? The Walkers (because Walking Dead references will make me look cool, right?) are actually shown to be essentially immortal. Earlier in the episode, Stefan rips Gay’s heart out of his chest, then a little while later, dude’s all good. There is no reason for a legion of immortals to entirely halt their plans because Klaus is whippin’ razor sharp mortarboards.

Full disclosure: this following point is a personal whinge of mine. I think the episode (and the upcoming season) benefits from the fantastic drama, but I just can’t let it stand. Elena, you fucking cunt bag of shit whores. How dare you (HOW DARE you) force feed Katherine the cure? Like, I can’t even comprehend the amount of hatred I feel towards you right now. Just. Just no. No to all that. Not okay. Things will never be okay again.

Jeremy’s back. Isn’t that gonna be kinda hard to explain to everyone? Also, lack of permadeath for main characters is becoming a serious issue.

Alaric barely gets a pass for his brief resurrection because he actually does something other than cry over Bonnie. Like helping save Damon’s life.

The tension in the “Rebekah and Matt on a bomb” sub plot dissipates as soon as Rebekah demonstrates how easy it is for her to simply take his place on the trigger platform. Why were they even scared in the first place? Rebekah is immortal. They acknowledge this, and then use exactly that fact to get out of the situation. Like, that was pathetically easy.

Elena chooses Damon. I have no confidence this will last. Prove me wrong, I guess?

Before this, Stefan confesses to Lexi that regardless of the shit Elenas’s put him through over the last season, he would go running back to her if she asked. Whipped.

Elena and Damon also make “you’re so bad for me, but I don’t care!” and “I’m too selfish to do the right thing because I love you” speeches, respectively. Ugh.

Connor sets off a bomb at the Grill. This isn’t brought up by anyone for the rest of the episode.

Bonnie doesn’t give Katherine her immortality. Rude.

Katherine has a big shitfit at Elena about how Elena’s life is so much better than hers, aka “I want your life wahhhh.” That’s not how Katherine do, TVD. Stop it.

Jeremy passes up saying goodbye to Elena to spend his supposed final moments of Walker-dom with Bonnie. Wasteful.

Oh, and now Stefan is a doppelganger. Because nothing is simple (or is too simple? Hmm).

Reasons to watch:

On the other hand, Silas pushes little-Mr-mopey into a box and sinks it. So there’s some good within the stupid.

But enough about Stefan. The number 1 most fantastic thing that happens this episode is the legit death of Bonnie. She is dead and gone to the other side. Yeah, Jeremy can still see ghosts etc so I have no doubt she’ll keep popping up. But for TVD to go even 1 episode before retconning something involved with Bonnie is a fucking miracle.

I’m finally on board with the Matt/Rebekah relationship. She pretty much pours her heart out to him to get him off the trigger/spite Alexander. She shows up at his place after everything is done to try to laugh it off, but Matt is like “No. I will be your man.” Seeing Rebekah sincerely happy makes me happy. She deserves it.

Likewise, Jeremy, Elena and Alaric chill out and eat some junk food together in an early scene. It was cute to have the gang back together.

Elena makes one of her rare pragmatic decisions when she refuses to use the cure on herself and would rather give it to the hunters. You know, because they only want it so they can kill Silas. Which is a perfectly reasonable plan. Demerit points for when she later insists Damon use it to cure some werewolf venom injuries, but whatevs. You gotta praise Elena when she’s a good girl. It doesn’t happen often.

Klaus and Caroline have a touching farewell. He says he still loves her and still expects her to one day join him, but lifts his Tyler ban so she can be happy in the meantime. She is rightfully grateful.

Rebekah sets off the bomb essentially just to spite Alexander. I lol’d.

Best line of the episode goes to Stefan, who is getting drunk with Lexi. Damon finds himself as the responsible one for once:
Damon: “Are you drunk?”
Stefan: “I don’t know, mom, am I?”
Put those claws away, gurlfriend!

Katherine backs up second and third place with a pair of typical zingers. The first is when she’s commenting on Bonnie’s red graduation gown: “I don’t think red’s really your colour, BonBon.” Is Katherine just made of cutesy, disparaging nicknames? I think so. This one’s for Elena: “Happy graduation, Cupcake.” That’s my girl.

Alaric is proud that Damon got the girl. Bromantic.

Did I mention Bonnie was dead?

Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about that Katherine/Elena fight. Katherine beats the fucking shit out of Elena. It was so good. I’m just gonna try to ignore how it ended. For my blood pressure’s sake.

Vampire Diaries Katherine fight Elena

Oh, K-Pax. In a better world, you would have won.

Vampire Diaries Elena hurt

Because you know you want it.

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10 responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 23”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I can’t get over how much I love your blog.. this just summed up my feelings about the season finale. I love this 🙂

  2. Anonymous says :

    lol ok so this whole article is so true and soso funny! And I’m reading all of your other articles and I love all of those too so far! And I was initially really annoyed with Jeremy for choosing to spend his last few moments in the human world, (or so he thought), with Bonnie, (I also realize that someone needed to figure out Bonnie was dead before the end of the episode, but still). Anywas, I’m so glad bonbon is dead lol buuuuut now that I’m thinking about it, Jeremy was supposed to spend his last few moments with Elena, right? And since both Elena and Bonnie piss me the fuck off, idk who I would’ve chosen to spend my last few moments hearing them bitch. Poor Jer.

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