TV Review: Revenge Season 2 Episodes 21 and 22

Revenge Victoria

Considering how real shit is about to get, I thought I’d start off with something light.

The last time there was a double episode finale I wasn’t ready.

This time I knew it was coming and, considering this is Revenge and not 30 Rock, I was quite ready for it to all be over.

But dammit, ABC. Now I actually want to watch next season. I’ve come so far.

They must have sucked the effort out of the Once Upon a Time finale and injected it here.

Episode 21

Revenge Emily explosion debris

“It’s Charlotte’s!”

TL;DR Jack and Victoria work together (sorta) to get that laptop (oops). Emily and Nolan struggle to control a spiralling Aiden. And during Conrad’s speech, Grayson Global gets blown up.

With Jack possibly inside. Ooh.

So the plot follows on from the blackout last episode. Everyone kinda scrambles around for a little bit. Aiden, Emily and Nolan realise that Falcon set up Carrion to activate when they pinched the Amanda Clarke Foundation money. Also, everything will lead back to Aiden. Emily wants him to go into hiding, but her compassion is dampened when she finds out he killed Takeda. This becomes secondary when they learn that Grayson Global is about to be blown the fuck up with Jack inside. It is. The reason Jack’s there is because Conrad figures out his scheme with Ashley (due to Victoria backstabbing Jack) and sets him up. Meanwhile, Declan notices Regina is in love with Charlotte. Regina tries playing the “he hit me and stole money” card, but Charlotte ends up fucking Regina off.

Take the “off” out of that last sentence and things would have been better.

Look, I’m just glad for any time when Revenge pulls it together and really delivers an episode like this. The melodrama is thankfully still on vacation, and a fucking bomb goes off in the middle of New York city. It’s good.

The only real problem here would be that most of the action in this episode is merely setting up for the next episode. And having seen the shit that goes down in that one (just read below), this feels far inferior by comparison.

But I guess that’s not its fault.

Why I hate this episode:

Or is it? I’ve never been much for objectivity.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that Jack would consider trusting Victoria to help him. She’s a Grayson. He hates the Graysons. While you could argue that Victoria does seem willing to betray Conrad, Jack should know better than to trust her. Hell, she tells Conrad about Jack’s alliance with Ashley, which leads Conrad into sending him into the bomb-trapped office. What did you expect, Jack?

There was also no tension in his quest for the laptop. Because Emily threw it into the ocean 6 episodes ago.

I don’t understand why Emily is so worried about Aiden getting caught for the bombing, Carrion etc. Changing identities is, like, their main talent. Just get up and go, bro.

Ashley does a deplorable job of keeping her partnership with Jack secret from Conrad. He literally tells her not tell Jack about an upcoming event, then she immediately texts Jack about it, with Conrad in eyeshot. Dafuq, bitch?

Nolan gets to indulge his growing affinity for overacting. When Aiden admits he killed Takeda, Nolan tries way too hard to look scared while backing away. Stahp.

Oh, and as much as I hate Declan, Regina is a bit of a huge cunt with the whole fake beating thing. Why would you even want Charlotte, anyway?

Reasons to watch:

The ending is pretty epic. Revenge does know how to do flashy, soap opera shit. Because Revenge is a flashy soap opera. If you didn’t know that already.

Bonus points for Conrad intentionally sending Jack to his death. You’re a nasty old bastard. And I love it.

Emily and Nolan find an infinity box-esque container in Takeda’s apartment. They deduce that Takeda had his own plans. Aiden later fills them in: Takeda’s fiancé was on Flight 197 and he trained Emily with the ulterior motive of gettng his own revenge against the Graysons. That sneaky bitch.

This leads to the best line of the episode, clearly just because of this adorable portmanteau from Nolan: “Takeda had his own reveng-enda?” Get it? “Revenge” and “agenda?” Cute.

Second best line goes to Victoria, who has just broken news of Charlotte’s pregnancy to Declan:
Declan: “There’s gotta be a mistake.”
Victoria: “Oh, there is. And I’m done looking at it.”
Click click, Dec.

Nolan is unable to use deus ex compute-ica magic to save the day for once. Thanks, blackout.

Charlotte doesn’t take long to come to her senses and get rid of Regina. Clever girl.

Oh, and Victoria saves my faith in humanity when she points out to Jack that his super-incriminating recording of Conrad doesn’t prove shit. THANK. YOU.

Episode 22

Revenge Victoria scared botox

Being unable to express emotion is a recurring problem for Victoria.

TL;DR OMFG. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Declan dies, Conrad reveals the Initiative was never really what he said it was (and he’s part of it), and Jack tries to assassinate Conrad but Emily stops him by finally telling him that she is Amanda Clarke.

Seriously. OMFG.

Picking up right where we left off, Conrad plays hero as a first responder to the bombing. He is perturbed when he learns that Jack wasn’t in the building. Declan was. Declan later dies and Jack is not happy. He is only stopped from shooting Conrad at his victory speech (he won the vote) by Emily’s revelation of her true identity. Meanwhile, Conrad tells Victoria that the Initiative is merely a group of business types who profit off of disater and fear, and that he will now be joing their ranks (the bombing ensured that). Victoria is wracked with disgust and is unable to tell Charlotte that Declan is dead. Patrick turns up on the doorstep, though. Meanwhile, Emily and Nolan scramble to find out if Jack is okay. Once they know that he is, they try to prevent him from killing Conrad. Nolan is arrested by the FBI for terrorism. Meanwhile, Ashley, like Victoria, finds herself so disgusted by Conrad that she doesn’t warn him of Jack’s plan for revenge. And Daniel might have murdered Aiden.

Why you, Revenge? Why now? For over half the season I’ve been threatening to abandon you, and now this? What is your game?

So what I’m saying is: holy shit, this episode is great.

It’s got it all. This is what Revenge felt like in season 1.

And Conrad really is the amoral fiend idol that I wanted him to be. Divine.

Why I hate this episode:

It’s tough this episode. Way to go, Revenge.

The only person to really skimp on the secret-spilling is Nolan. Jack furiously demands he tell him the truth about how he knew Grayson Global wouldn’t be safe. Nolan gives him some BS about how looking through what the Falcon did to hide Patrick uncovered stuff about the Initiative. You let the team down, Nolan. Everyone else was being honest.

But I guess Accountant wasn’t telling the truth, either. A video that Burn made her record has her declaring that Nolan is the Initiative. Uh oh.

Aiden risks arrest by going to the scene of the bombing to see if Emily’s okay. He eventually does get arrested. Idiot.

A bit of melodrama creeps in. Aiden is crushed because Nolan accidentally told him about how Emily still has the hot sweats for Jack. Aiden also desperately tries to convince Emily to leave her life of revenge behind and scurry away with him. Shoosh.

The only chink in Conrad’s bitch-fabulous armour is his almost psychotic reaction to the bombing. Daniel tells him that all their money is gone, and Conrad goes on some rant about how they are in a better position to rebuild and grow bigger and blah blah blah. Tone down the crazy. The brutal evil is much more convincing.

Declan hides his heart surgery to keep everyone happy. It doesn’t work out. Dick.

Nolan has an ugly crying face.

Ashley still planned on using the Conrad/Sam Anders recording at the victory press conference. Stop it.

Oh, and Daniel and Aiden’s fight (and Aiden’s possible murder) is all because they both love Emily. Pfft.

Reasons to watch:

Declan dies. It’s been a long time wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, but we got there. We got there.

Aiden could also be dead, too. And that would make Daniel a killer. Nice.

Conrad is a fucking cold monster. His revelation about what the Initiative really is and how he wants to be part of it pretty much destroys Victoria. Conrad says that the Flight 197 disaster showed them how profitable tragedy can be. Victoria screams, slaps and spits on Conrad. And he don’t give a FUCK. Amazing.

Victoria is so distraught that she actually encourages Jack to shoot her (contrary to the image I posted above. Context? What’s that?) because she deserves it. Bonus points for Jack refusing, declaring that her punishment will be to tell Carl why he no longer has a mother or a father.

Charlotte accidentally caused Declan’s death: she lied and said she was at the office so he wouldn’t come see her. Tee hee.

Ashley could be back around to the light side, though still retaining her selfishness. After Emily informs her of Declan’s death and Jack’s plan to kill Conrad, she blatantly omits telling Conrad about it. You go, girl.

Conrad has a bit of an “oh, shit” face when he realises Jack wasn’t caught in the explosion. I lol’d.

Victoria warns Emily of the hollowness a marriage without love will bring. She also has a “not so different” speech about how they’re both ferocious and determined. But warns Emily to stay the fuck away from her children or there’ll be consequences. Emily ignores her. Let there be blood.

Patrick shows up, though we don’t get to see his face.

Best line goes to Victoria after Conrad’s revelation about the Initiative. She freaks about the things she’s done trying to thwart them, like what she did for Daniel: “I committed murder to protect him.” Yes she did. Keep it up.

Oh, and it only took 2 whole fucking seasons, but Emily has finally come clean to Jack.

Revenge Emily confesses true identity

Has Emily been using Glee for inspiration?

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