TV Review: Revenge Season 2 Episode 20

Revenge Takeda Aiden sword katana fight

“Although I still end up sweaty and satisfied. Interesting.”

I think it’s obvious at this point that I won’t be abandoning Revenge before the season is up.

I’m still not sure whether I’m pleased that it got better, or frustrated that I was forced to keep up with it.

Either way, Aiden totally gets to kill someone this episode. That’s all I need to know for now.

TL;DR He kills Takeda because he was cutting him loose. Emily makes her engagement to Daniel official (the episode title is “Engagement,” so duh), Charlotte is pregnant, and the Initiative look to be back in the game thanks to Carrion.

Uh oh.

So yeah, Emily and Daniel are fo realz getting hitched. In 2 weeks. In Paris. Where they will also move to. Kids move fast these days. Victoria, obviously, isn’t very keen on it, and she has several tense encounters with Emily. Nothing really eventuates from them. The engagement stuff does keep Emily distracted from what Aiden and Nolan are up to, though. They plan on using computer magic (with assistance from The Falcon) to drain the Amanda Clarke Foundation funds. They do. Aiden also finds out Takeda betrayed him and is planning on ditching him. So they fight with swords and Takeda is killed. Meanwhile, Daniel plans on withdrawing his ACF funds and leaving Grayson Global behind. Oops. Conrad is assured victory in his campaign when Victoria leaks info on the governor’s health, and Charlotte tells Daniel she’s pregnant.

And at the end of the episode the whole of New York blacks out, which means the Initiative have Carrion and are out for…revenge (ah ha!).

I’m glad that this episode turned down the melodrama and focused on simply plotting and exposition. I mean, neither are objectively good options, but I’ll take emotionless story over aimless nothingness.

But I am getting seriously fatigued with all these business shenanigans and political manoeuvrings and conspiracy crap.


Why I hate this episode:

Victoria doesn’t really do anything. She just appears occasionally to act indignant about Emily and Daniel’s engagement. Her only real contribution to the plot is when she records the governor’s wife confessing her husband’s heart condition, then releasing it to the media. But this is immediately followed by her proclaiming she wants Conrad’s campaign to fail. Umm.

Likewise, Ashley is pushed out of focus. She had so much potential to be a double-crossing, backstabbing bitch. Oh well, maybe next episode.

Takeda flips Aiden badly. He provides Daniel his personnel file, which leads Daniel into believing Aiden is part of some big conspiracy against him (which, to be fair, he is) and firing him. Then Takeda tries to turn Emily against Aiden, before finally trying to just straight-up kill Aiden. Rude.

Charlotte has some whinge about missing Amanda. DNC.

Also, she’s pregnant. Didn’t we already do that with Amanda? Pfft.

There are a couple of nuggets of melodrama that slip through. The most prevalent is Aiden’s mini breakdown and sudden craze of being with Emily. I can partially forgive it for spurring him and Nolan into stealing all the Graysons’ moneyz.

The other is Victoria purposely letting slip to Jack that Emily and Daniel’s first engagement was soured because of his and Emily’s dalliance. Jack then feels conflicted about her again. Ugh. I actually have grown to like his indifference towards her. It’s what they both deserve.

The Falcon’s mega secret password thing is her Street Fighter high score. Wow, that was so safe.

When the blackout happens, Declan and Regina get sealed in an ATM alcove thing. Ugh. So soapy.

Victoria asks why Jack has such a vendetta against Conrad (he and Victoria are working together now, btw), and he plays her the recording of Conrad “ordering” the attack on Amanda. Fuck you, Jack. No he didn’t. We’ve been through this already. Stop it.

Oh, and I actually thought the Initiative might be gone. Nope.

Reasons to watch:

Emily and Victoria’s antagonism is back to what it should be. Victoria takes Emily aside at the engagement party (which is at Emily’s house), and Emily takes the opportunity to remark how difficult it must be for Victoria to be in the house of the man she loved and betrayed. Boom, bitch.

Emily also quips about her moving to Paris with Daniel, which is where Victoria moved when she abandoned her child. Meow.

Daniel isn’t too far behind when he insults Victoria for having multiple bastard children. She ain’t gettin’ no love this week.

Although I’m sure they’ll find some way out of it, it looks like the Graysons have finally been properly injured. Emily is stealing Daniel away, and they just lost all their money. It’s progress.

Regina might not be a cunt. But she’s still sassy. So I’m happy.

The Falcon tells Nolan that if he doesn’t set her free, then the Initiative will, because they need her to use Carrion. Not by the look of it, bitch. You got served. With a prison sentence.

She also tells Nolan that Patrick did come looking for Victoria around the time of the David Clarke fiasco. She paid him $5 million to fuck off and The Falcon erased all record of him. Juicy.

When Takeda tells Emily about getting rid of Aiden she seems upset. She further reiterates her loyalty to Aiden to Nolan. But she didn’t like Nolan and Aiden’s account-draining plan at all, so I’m looking forward to seeing how her relationship with both of them will be now.

During his fight with Takeda, Aiden threatens to tell Emily his (Takeda’s) true objective. Very juicy. Also, what is it?

Best line of the episode goes to Ashley. Jack sits down at a table at the Stowaway with a shot: “Jack! I’m working.” She then immediately downs it. Daytime drinking, yo.

Victoria is a close second with her reaction to the re-engagement news: “How…repetitious.” It’s cruel because it’s true.

Oh, and Nolan says it’s a “sub-zero world when your sensei stabs you in the back” in reference to Takeda’s treatment of Aiden. This is a Mortal Kombat pun, because Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was in that. Revenge: we care about 90s kids.

Revenge Charlotte Regina drunk

No, but it makes your hair look frizzy as fuck.

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