Best Of: The Top 5 TV Shows of the Past Year (For Whatever Reason)

Best of TV

So you’ve seen what movies I chose for I Just Hate Everything’s 1st anniversary.

But let’s face it, I post way more about TV shows. Because they distract me from observing and fully appreciating the despairing emptiness of my existence.

So here’s a list.

Also, just a few things you should know:

I’m including any shows and episodes I watched and posted about in the last year. Even if they had aired previous to May 7 2012.

The title should have clued you in, but this list isn’t necessarily my 5 favourite shows. Just the ones I think are the most memorable or important to me (but yeah, some of them are my favourites).

They are in no particular order. Bias? Me? Never.

Before we start, have some honourable mentions:

That’s enough. Let’s round this shit up.

Once Upon a Time Regina hot

Once Upon a Time

Episodes reviewed: Season 1 Episode 1 – Season 2 Episode 21

Oh, Once-ler. You’ve come such a long way. From a pathetic, ABC, dumbed down piece of shit fluff, to the increasingly edgy bitch you are now, no show I’ve watched this year has grown as much as you. You really are The Little Show That Could.

I’m picking this show because it is the most improved series I’ve seen all year. It probably doesn’t hurt that within the past 12 months I’ve watched and reviewed every episode, but I am constantly impressed by just how competent it has become.

And Regina is easily my favourite new character from the past year. She’s the boss.

Gossip Girl season 6 Blair Leighton Meester headband

Gossip Girl

Episodes reviewed: Season 5 Episode 23 – Season 6 Episode 10 (series finale)

You’d think it’d be rude of me to include Gossip Girl over Jersey Shore and 30 Rock. All 3 were beloved series of mine, and all 3 had their series finales this year. But Jersey Shore turned into a fucking sack of crap back in season 4, and 30 Rock’s final season was patchy at best.

I’m picking this show because Gossip Girl is the reigning teen drama. It mercilessly shoved the now-embarrassing The OC aside. And even though its final 4 seasons were a hard trudge through the banality of late-stage teen soaps, the final season was the quick death GG deserved.

It was also the very first thing I reviewed here on I Just Hate Everything. It will always hold a special place in my heart. What little room there is in there, anyway.

Glee Santana at the ballet


Episodes reviewed: Season 3 Episode 19 – Season 4 Episode 21

Oh, Glee. You really are that awful, aren’t you?


I’m picking this show because Glee is the constant whipping boy for my most hateful of reviews. Because it’s been terrible. Season 2 and season 3 didn’t prepare us for just how low it would sink. If they’re not grasping for Aesops, then they’re eschewing them for trivial and nonsensical soap opera stunts. At least Gossip Girl has the excuse of actually being a soap opera.

Also, the fact that Glee obviously isn’t trying could make it the most hipster show on television. Which means deep down it’s the same as me. Oh god.

The Vampire Diaries Elena injured bleeding

The Vampire Diaries

Episodes reviewed: Season 3 Episode 22 – Season 4 Episode 21

The fading star of my TV lineup. The Vampire Diaries used to be the most flippant, fun and frivolous teen drama on television, while still managing to make the characters worth investing in. While season 4 did try its best to push Klaus out of focus and bring things back to earth in Mystic Falls, it is still suffering from too many characters and not enough “anyone can die” main cast shakeups (its hallmark from the earlier days). Let’s just hope Jeremy’s sticks.

I’m picking this show because there’s still enough violence, sex and catfights to keep me coming back. Katherine is strutting her shit up now, and it’s even getting its own spinoff. There is hope yet.

Plus I’ve still got my fingers crossed for Bonnie’s death. Pretty please?

Pretty Little Liars Hanna little boy blue costume

Pretty Little Liars

Episodes reviewed: Season 3 Episode 1 – Season 3 Episode 24 (season finale)

The only show on this list with a clean premiere-to-finale season review. Thanks, ABC Family scheduling. That several month wait in the middle didn’t make me want to kill myself at all.

I’m picking this show because it had the most gasp-worthy episode of anything I’ve watched all year. PLL knows better than Once Upon a Time and even TVD that filler should be kept to a minimum. Lay on the secrets, lay on the scandals and kill some people off. Be not afraid.

And Hanna’s fashion choices are reason to watch alone.

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    You are freakin retarded. This list is garbage. What are you a 12 year old little spoiled girl who has a bird brain. What a bobble head you are. No doubt you are as dumb as a box of rocks. You should be embarrassed by this gay list. Freak!

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