TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 20

Vampire Diaries Katherine Rebekah the Originals

At least they’re getting along today.

Should I be titling this The Originals instead of The Vampire Diaries?


TL;DR I can see The Originals being picked up for 1 season, but it’s pretty dull and ambiguous so far. At least there are plenty of young, attractive people. It’s what The CW does best.

And it’s still better than The Secret Circle. It’s Phoebe Tonkin‘s 2nd chance.

Okay, so if you didn’t know, this episode is a backdoor pilot for a TVD spinoff called The Originals. We’re road tripping to New Orleans for this one. Following Katherine’s letter at the end of last episode, Klaus goes south to find out wassup. He encounters a town lorded over by an unfairly handsome vampire named Marcel, who happens to be someone Klaus sired 100 years ago. Blah blah blah witches are holding Hayley captive because she’s prego with Klaus’s baby, and they want it because it’ll be powerful or some shit. Elijah sees this as a chance to start a new life with his surviving siblings and re-take New Orleans from Marcel. Klaus eventually agrees. Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Katherine shows up (now that Klaus is outta town) and just swans around being a bitch. Damon and Stefan get a couple of token scenes where they are still trying to elicit emotions from a dessicating Elena.

I should probably start off by apologising to TVD for calling Klaus and Hayley’s fuck sesh “tenuous.” Little did I know that it would result in some kind of mystical baby thing. Looks like the writers actually put a little bit of effort into this spinoff. I’m glad.

That said (and Twilight parallels aside), there is a big, gaping, infuriating plot hole at the centre of the plot between Klaus and Marcel. And it’s the exact same problem TVD has lumped Klaus with since season 3: why doesn’t he just fucking murder everyone?

He’s an original vampire, and a hybrid. So he’s both stronger than Marcel and all his minions, and immortal. And he’s got his fellow immortal siblings. And a decent contingent of local witches. Just wipe out every one of Marcel’s vampires and start again.

What we get instead is a pitiful effort by Klaus of hybrid-biting one of Marcel’s friends, then healing him later to begin his infiltration of the inner circle.

Oh. My. God.

So forced.

Why I hate this episode:

Worse, Klaus even boasts about his immortality, then fails (like he did with Mystic Falls) to put it to use. I understand that the show needs to have longevity and conflict, but remember, they gave the originals immortality and super powers. They can’t expect us to just accept that they won’t use them. Klaus is clearly very passionate about the situation, too. And it’s not like he’s trying to spare or impress anyone, which might go some way to explaining his restraint in Mystic Falls. Come on, guys.

The witches’ ultimatum to Klaus is a bit confusing. Either he helps them, in which case they will allow Hayley to have the baby, but the witches get to use it (it’s not clear in what capacity). Or if he doesn’t help them, they’ll kill Hayley. So in neither of these scenarios does Klaus get full parental control of the baby. Klaus even ends up deciding to fight for New Orleans out of pride and a wish to return to his glory days. The baby is a secondary motivation at best. Silly witches.

They also don’t say what they need it for exactly, either. Frustrating. And weird. You’d think Klaus would have maybe asked them.

Rebekah is the only original to get shunted out of the spotlight this episode. Rude.

Katherine gets an irritating moment of vulnerability this episode. She visits Rebekah (see above) and tells her that she knows Klaus will stay in New Orleans. Because they’re both driven by a deep-rooted loneliness inside their souls. Just stick to being a badass bitch, Katherine. Leave the soul searching to Elena.

Where is Charlotte?

Oh, and shouldn’t everyone be a tad bit more concerned about Silas?

Reasons to watch:

There’s enough here to drag out a halfway-satisfying season, in my opinion. There’s a bunch of attractive, new characters. And if all 3 Originals make it down to New Orleans, it might be worth a watch. Dat sibling tension. Oh, and Hayley’s here, too. People care about that, right?

My favourite part of this in undoubtedly the inclusion of Leah Pipes as some bartender named Camille. You might remember her as Fucking Jessica from my oft-referenced slasher love Sorority Row. She is divine.

She and Klaus have a good ol’ flirt over some street art. More more more.

Rebekah, while sidelined back in Mystic Falls, does have a cute hairdo. And she struts around dissing Klaus constantly. She’s best when she’s bitchy.

Katherine, too. Apart from her “I’m so ronery” moment.

Katherine gets best line. When she shows up to the Salvatore house, she announces herself as: “The one and only…sort of.” Doppelganger prahblems.

I’m honestly surprised that Klaus and Hayley’s intercourse would have any signifigance. I should stop bagging out TVD so much, hey? And I certainly shouldn’t equate it with Glee. I feel bad now.

Marcel is fucking hot. And he can sing.

He kills a witch by using a tree branch as a whip to cut her throat. It’s so WTF that it works.

Klaus leaves a voicemail for Caroline saying how much he’d like to share the rich, beautiful world of New Orleans with her. Aww.

Elijah fucks off Katherine. Probably for the best. Both for his wellbeing, and for her to stop being so mushy.

It reminds me of Infamous 2.

Oh, and seriously, I will watch The Originals just for Leah Pipes. Every episode will be a reminder of Sorority Row. And I can’t comprehend living in a world where I wouldn’t want that.

Vampire Diaries Leah Pipes the Originals

I’m back, bitches.

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