TV Review: Bates Motel Season 1 Episode 6

Bates Motel Shelby shot eye blood

Always, Mike Vogel.

Another episode, another horrible death (possibly 2).

Bates Motel isn’t giving me any fodder to bitch about.

Why can’t you be more like Glee?

TL;DR The Bates’ sort their shit out with Shelby. By killing him.

It’s what they’re good at.

So following last week’s rescue of Basement Girl, Vera, Dylan and Norman try to decide how to handle the situation. They send Emma off with a pat on the head and resolve amongst themselves to avoid going to the police. Dylan and Norman go to the boat to track down Keith’s belt and dispose of it. Unfortunately, Shelby turns up and tries to get his dick wet while they’re out. Cue him discovering Basement Girl and holding the Bates’ (Norman and Dylan return at the worst possible time) at gunpoint. A shootout ensues. Shelby dies. Subplots include Dylan gaining favour with his employers due to his hit-and-run handling of the junkie incident, Vera chucking a shit fit about Norman moving out with Dylan, and Vera’s revelation that Norman killed his father in one of his trances.

No Bradley? Again? Darn.

Just like last episode, I haven’t got much to say about this one. Bates Motel has certainly exceeded the expectation I laid out after the first episode.

It revels in its simple, non-soap opera plot. It’s really quite refreshing. Living on a diet of TVD and Glee, it’s a welcome change.

Why I hate this episode:

The only close-to-biggish problem occurs when Vera is trying to distract Shelby from finding Basement Girl. In her efforts to brush off his sexual advances, she unintentionally encourages him to take her down to the motel for sex (where Basement Girl is staying, obv). She could have just said she’d changed her mind and dragged him inside the house.

Then she makes a pathetic attempt at lying her way out of things when he notices that someone is staying at the motel.

Then, and much more frustrating, is the squabble she has with her sons while Shelby is out hunting down a fleeing Basement Girl. Instead of getting the fuck out of there, the whole 3 of them just stand around bitching about Norman’s living arrangements. Then they’re all surprised when Shelby returns. Well fucking duh. You goddamn idiots. Vera even told the boys what was happening with Shelby. They should have just grabbed the psycho bitch and bolted.

After finding the belt, Dylan disposes of it. By throwing it into the harbour. Yeah, because that worked so well last time. At least take it somewhere more than a couple of metres from the boat, guys. Yeesh.

Oh, and we don’t know what happened to Basement Girl yet. Tell me! I need it.

Reasons to watch:

The shootout in the Bates home is genuinely tense and scrambly. When Vera witnesses the gun shots go off while she’s in the car with Norman, I honestly wasn’t sure which way it would go. Well done.

We get some excellent exposure to Norman’s trances. After Shelby punches the shit out of Vera while he has them hostage, Norman goes full rage mode. Even after he hits his head, he still hasn’t snapped out of it.

Vera takes this opportunity to fill Dylan in about how her husband (Norman’s dad) really died: he and Vera were having an argument, which escalated to him beating her. Norman took a blender and fucking nailed his dad in the back of the head. One-shotted that shit. Vera then, naturally, covered it up for the insurance money (and to protect Norman, probably. This is Vera we’re talking about).

Dylan’s homicidal, Bates instincts win him favour with his employer. Asian dude is confirmed dead, and Dylan now has a new, grizzled partner. Kid’s moving up in the world.

He’s also put his deposit down on the place for him and Norman, and Norman seems to be interested in moving in. I guess I can forgive Dylan’s softness if he’s going around killing crazy deputies.

Emma insists they go to the police. And unlike her self-righteous dickery last time, this episode she actually has a point. She can’t be disabled and an idiot all the time. That would be too cruel.

She also has an absent mother, so sees Vera as a maternal figure. Aww.

And she makes a preciously ironic quip early on about Shelby, which will end up appyling to her. She’s all like “imagine liking someone who turns out to be a crazy killer psycho freak.” Lol.

Best line of the episode goes to Vera, who clearly had a fantastic relationship with Norman’s dad:
Norman’s dad: “Is this for more clothes? For the woman who has more clothes than a Park Avenue whore?”
Vera: “Yeah, and you know so much about clothes. Whores? I’ll give that to you, but…”
The smacking around she receives after sours it a bit, though.

Oh, and it’s nice seeing Dylan and Vera on the same team. They do work well together.

Bates Motel Dylan Norma

Just kidding. She’s only got eyes for Norman.

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