TV Review: Glee Season 4 Episode 19

Glee Rachel Funny Girl audtion Don't stop believing

A better world.

So this episode starts out with several Harlem Shake sequences.

Glee can’t be this terrible by accident. It’s gotta be on purpose, right?

It has to be.

TL;DR Rachel auditions for Funny Girl, Finn and Will work out their shit, Marley writes some boring original songs. And everyone is pretty much over the “shooting” already.

That’s because it wasn’t real. At least Glee understood that, I guess.

So our McKinley plot focuses on the upcoming Regionals. The theme will be Dreams. Will picks out 3 songs with “dream” in the title, but Marley wants them to use her totally-heartfelt-and-definitely-not-awful-I-swear original songs instead. The rest of the glee club agree, and Will is eventually convinced after hearing them sing one in private. It’s not good, yo. Meanwhile, Finn has started college. He finds Puck already there and they live the party lifestyle. Will stops by later to try to patch things up, and after some grovelling (which makes no sense becuase Finn is in the wrong. You know, for kissing Will’s fiancĂ© and ruining their wedding), Finn decides to come back and help the glee club. And over in New York, Rachel auditions for Funny Girl. Shelby (not that Shelby. Her mum, remember?) stops by and gives her some advice. It goes well.

Santana does not appear in this episode. Rude.

Obviously, the big problem this week is with Marley’s songs. They’re terrible. They make the original songs from the first time seem fucking profound.

There are 2, and both of them are barely average pop songs about feeling different and being left out, but you still have friends and vague hopes. They’re bland, predictable, and offer no improvement over what came before.

So just like each subsequent season of Glee, then.

Why I hate this episode:

A bunch of the glee club kids get some exaggerated new personality traits, apparently caused by PTSD from the “shooting.” Tina is now dressing Steampunk, which, for the uninitiated, is pretty much taking anything normal and bronzing it and sticking as many cogs or pipes onto it as physically possible. This is a subculture, people.

Alex is now taking birth control pills because he wants to make his boobs grow. Ew.

And Sam is pretending he has an identical twin. Wtf?

Roz Washington (the “talented” NeNe Leakes) is back to take over Cheerios coaching duties from Sue. Any episode with more than 1 scene with her is an automatic fail.

The Harlem Shake stuff is seriously pathetic. I think we may have found a true successor to Kiki. At long last.

I got genuinely mad at Finn forcing Will to apologise to him over and over. You’re the homewrecker, Finn. Take some fucking responsibility.

Rachel thanks Finn for beating Brodie up. Are you retarded?

After making a decent point about being in charge and knowing what’s best, Will eventually folds to the glee club’s demands of performing Marley’s original songs at Regionals. Does Will have any power anymore?

“Katie” isn’t back.

Oh, and Rachel’s audition with Don’t Stop Believin’ is the least impressive version of it yet. I think the “Stop” part of that title should be what Glee takes away from this experience.

Reasons to watch:

Rachel’s performance aside, it was perfectly nostalgic to have the original glee club members performing their song again. Dem feels.

Rachel’s subplot as a whole is kept prudently subdued. She doesn’t cunt around like she usually does. She simply gets her shit together, does her audition, then waits patiently for the callback. Even her duet with Shelby doesn’t turn into a melodramatic, overblown mess like I was expecting. I need to give Glee the benefit of the doubt sometimes, I guess.

Although brain-scarringly reprehensible to watch, Roz does make a couple of good points. She immediately trivialises the “shooting” by calling it fake. Which it was. Later, she calls Becky and Blaine into her office to chew them out for being ineffective Cheerios captains. She calls Blaine “Fruity Fonzie,” which is delightful. She also suspects that Sue’s story about how she dropped her gun while cleaning it (twice) is a lie. Bitch is on the ball.

After some shifty behaviour from Becky, Blaine also thinks something might be up. Is there a brain under all that rock-hard product? We’ll find out.

Kitty is one of the only people to shut down Marley’s songs. Unfortunately, she does end up singing them.

Speaking of shutting things down, Will gets best line of the episode when he gets fed up with Alex talking about his tits: “Unique: you need to tone it down with the whole ‘boob’ thing.” Yes, please.

If Finn and Puck had a portmanteau name, it’d be “Fuck.” I like it.

The judges make a comment to each other about how they should have offered the part Rachel’s auditioning for to Miley Cyrus. I lol’d.

Oh, and Kurt has only 1 scene. It’s always a good time.

Glee Roz Washington Nene Leakes

You are not alone.

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