TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19

The Vampire Diaries Bonnie Matt Prom King Queen


I’m not gonna lie. I have forgotten almost everything that’s been going on.

That’s what happens when a show takes 3 weeks off.

And it’s not like I have a whole archive of episode summaries to look back through.


TL;DR Evilena is more delicious than ever. Silas has remembered that he exists and needs to get shit done. Prom.

Prom tonight.

Just like Not Another Teen Movie, we’ve got a few plot threads going on at the prom. Damon and Stefan, following Elena’s murderous threat from last episode, struggle to stop themselves from trying to help her. So they don’t stop. They try to make Elena feel emotions so she’ll switch them back on. It doesn’t work. Elena does decide to kill Bonnie though, so there’s that. Bonnie, meanwhile, is struggling to maintain control over her expression. Silas impersonates Jeremy (whose death Bonnie is now aware of) and taunts her for a bit. Eventually Elena makes her homicidal move, and Bonnie is barely able to stop killing her in retaliation. Meanwhile, Caroline is grumping around because that’s all she does these days. There is shiptease for both Klaus and Stefan. Tyler is back, too. Just because. Meanwhile, Elijah promises Rebekah the cure (suck it, Klaus) if she can go a whole day without using her vampire powers. This fails when she has to use them to save April’s life (thanks, Elena). But it’s all for nothing when Silas tricks Elijah into giving him the cure. Oops.

Dances in Mystic Falls just aren’t what they used to be. Even the cancelled 80s dance was cooler than this. Pictures of You theme? Ew.

The most frustrating plot thread is easily the Damon/Stefan one. Damon already tried using the Lexi method of forcing a vampire to feel, and it totally backfired on him. So what do he and Stefan do? The same thing, of course. And you thought TVD wasn’t a soap opera.

It goes even worse this time. At least back in New York, all Elena did was run off with a map. This time she actively tries to kill April and Bonnie. I think it’s time for a new plan, boys.

At least the girls get to wear some cool dresses.

Why I hate this episode:

April’s back. Just to be another throwaway inconvenience. Just kill her off for real and be done with it.

Bonnie gets a lot of screentime this episode. And most of it is spent wangsting over Jeremy. Bitch, we already dealt with this 4 episodes ago. Ain’t nobody got time for your weepy contribution.

Rebekah’s failure at her day-as-a-human challenge is so arbitrary. The challenge itself is already arbitrary (what will 1 day of no compulsion or feeding prove, Elijah?), so it’s especially insulting for the episode to play her “failure” so seriously. Like, Klaus actually attempts to blackmail Rebekah. All because she happened to be around when Elena arbitrarily attacked April, because April wouldn’t arbitrarily make Rebekah prom queen. Because Elena thought that Rebekah being prom queen would make it easier for her to pass the test. Then Elena causes her to fail. Abitrary arbitrary arbitrary.

Klaus catches Tyler red handed after meeting with Caroline. Then just lets him go. Your threats mean nothing.

Matt is an important part of Rebekah’s plot. She apparently values his opinion. You’re alone there, honey.

Stefan slow dancing with Elena to evoke emotion is embarrassing.

Bonnie’s expression is powerful enough for her to heal her gaping neck wound from Elena. Goddammit, now Bonnie is impervious to injury. Will nothing kill this bitch?

Oh, and fucking Bonnie and Matt win Prom Queen and King. Rebekah was robbed, man.

Reasons to watch:

Elena being a Jenny Humphrey-level, ridiculous cunt is just great, you know? She’s like Katherine without any class. Still worth it.

Speaking of Katherine, Klaus receives a letter from her about some super strong witch in New Orleans. Can you say spinoff? (and TVD aren’t the only ones)

Silas goes around and fucks a lot of shit up. He poses as Jeremy to mess with Bonnie (I lol’d), then he attacks Damon and Stefan separately as each’s counterpart. He rounds out the episode by revealing his true self to Bonnie (though we only see a bit of scarred flesh obscured by shadow). He hasn’t got many episodes left to get his plan on. He better hurry up.

Rebekah’s subplot, though arbitrary (did you get that yet?), is one of the most believable. Though she is straying into writers’ pet territory, she’s still the most sympathetic character left in the bunch. Take that, Caroline.

Caroline gets to put on her stroppy pants this episode. She’s still pissed at Elena for trying to kill her. This gets worse when Elena steals, and wears, her prom dress. Luckily, this does lead to the aforementioned shiptease with Stefan, and even a brief bonding moment with Damon, who also laments the crappy night they’re having at the prom. Bitch gets around.

The Caroline/Elena/prom dress situation does bring out some of the best lines of the episode. Best line goes to Caroline, who has just barged in on Klaus, who is fuming after being denied the cure by Elijah: “I’m sorry that you’re having personal issues, but I have a real crisis on my hands: Elena stole my prom dress!” To be fair to Caroline, she didn’t now why Klaus was PO’d. And to be fair to Klaus, he immediately giggles at her. Britishly.

Elena gets second best line when Caroline finally turns up to prom. Caroline tries to be the better person and compliments how Elena looks in the dress she stole. Elena is ready: “Thanks. I thought I’d do it a favour.” It doesn’t get any colder than that.

Elena totally does look better in the dress than Caroline did, too. Btw.

Elena serves Bonnie (as in “you got served!” You get it) for not fulfilling her promise of bringing Jeremy back to life. Bur-urn.

Oh, and Elena gets pretty close to killing Bonnie. Bonnie’s response of almost slaughtering her back is brutally adorable. Silly girls.

The Vampire Diaries Elena attacks Bonnie bite

I’m just glad Elena is putting her lips on another girl. We’re one step closer.

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3 responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19”

  1. donalddark says :

    I must admit to myself that the season 2 VD will never return. The 2nd half of season one and season 2 is really as good as TV gets, but at this point, with 22 episodes a season and a freight train plot, the show is showing it’s age. it would be the equivalent of breaking bad going 10 or 11 seasons.

    I mean what even happened this episode? nothing -in season 2 this plot would have been communicated in 5 minutes-in fact silas would’ve been killed by the end of the episode -probably with a knife to the back VD style .

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