TV Review: Revenge Season 2 Episode 15

Revenge Jack crying over Amanda's death

Oh, the humanity!

Yep, still goin’.

TL;DR Emily (although basing her decision on an incorrect assumption) is back on the revenge track against the Graysons. Finally. Jack, too.

I will laugh at his ineptitude.

So the plot this episode confirms Amanda is for reals dead. Jack is doing fine, but upon finding Amanda’s info stash, he discovers that the Graysons may have planned Sam Anders’ rampage on the boat. Oh, and that Emily and Amanda have a past (though he doesn’t clue in on the switcheroo) that they didn’t tell him about, so he disowns Emily. Ooh. Meanwhile, Emily is fucking pissed about Amanda’s death, and believes the Graysons are responsible (they are kinda. But not really). Reignition of rage ensues. Meanwhile, Nolan confirms the finger Accountant received as her dad’s, so gives her Carrion. Meanwhile, Aiden is trying to get back into Grayson Global via Daniel (who thinks Aiden is an Initiative agent). And Victoria and Conrad’s plan to frame Amanda for Helen’s murder seems to be coming undone.

I’m happy that Emily is going back to what she was supposed to be doing (you know, Revenge?), but it’s embarrassing to see her do it on such misinformation. Sure, the Graysons’ dealings with Sam Anders is what pushed him over the edge into attacking Jamanda, but it’s not like they wanted that to happen. Emily best get her facts straight.

Also, who the fuck cares about Amanda? Seriously.

Why I hate this episode:

It looks like Helen’s death isn’t going to dampen the overpresence of the Initiative. Burn Gorman is sill here (in all his thin-lipped glory) and is just as obtuse as Helen, but minus any personality. Ugh.

I can’t believe Nolan just handed over Carrion to Accountant. I’m so sure that one man’s life is worth whatever destruction Carrion is capable of. And Nolan even warns Accountant that the Initiative isn’t great at keeping their promises, thus implying he doubts they’ll even get daddy back. So why are you still giving her the fucking program?

Most of Charlotte’s role this episode is devoted to her sooking around and being all emotional about Amanda’s death. Worse, Charlotte is responsible for the most forward-moving plot turn, a feat of which she is not deserving: she tracks down Emily’s (that’s real Amanda. Blondie. You know how this jargon works by now, don’t you?) foster brother. He doesn’t appear to recognise adult Emily, but we’ll see.

Literally everyone is operating with incorrect information. You’ve got Emily thinking the Graysons killed Amanda; Jack thinking the same as well as overreacting about Emily and Amanda’s past (and still in the dark about their true identities); Daniel and his parents thinking Aiden is part of the Initiative; and Burn being unable to know the truth about Helen’s murder. These kind of impending twist things work much better when your audience (moi) isn’t sitting here knowing they’re misinformed.

Oh, and Charlotte wangsts about how she can’t find anyone to go to Amanda’s funeral. Boo fucking hoo.

Reasons to watch:

Emily’s resolves at the end of the episode to resume her single-minded pursuit of destroying the Graysons. She tosses her laptop into the ocean (dramatically!) and promises to avoid distractions. Get on with it.

Even though he’s only doing it to see if Aiden is an Initiative agent, Daniel’s letting him back in on Grayson Global is a good step in the drama direction. Get on with it.

Conrad gets to indulge his gleefully false side this episode. He visits Jack in hospital and covers his medical bills. Later, he holds a press conference to express his mourning over Amanda’s death. It’s cute.

Jack also acts fake when he accepts the expression of grief, because he’d just found Amanda’s info stash. Sneaky.

Ashley makes a snipe at Conrad, accusing him of causing Amanda’s death. He immediately shoots back that the whole deal with Ryans was designed by her. That shuts her up. I love it.

Charlotte is forced to identify Amanda’s body. I lol’d.

Best line goes to Emily: “No more distractions.” It’s simple, but it’s what Revenge needs.

Daniel gets rid of the Initiative’s clock camera from his office. Finally.

This episode was apparently directed by Helen Hunt, if that kind of thing matters to you.

Oh, and Amanda’s funeral is hilariously vacant. Just what she deserved.

Revenge Amanda's funeral

It’s about 7 more people than I’ll have at my funeral, but still.


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