CBF Review: Argo

Argo Ben Affleck John Goodman

“Look, Ben, this is your second Oscar. Just be glad you were able to live down Gigli.”

Yeah, you don’t need me to do a full review on this. It’s already won Best Picture. It’s good. You know it. I know it.

Also, I did feel kinda apathetic about it. But that’s nothing new.

The plot is based on a true story about the rescue of 6 Americans who escaped the US Embassy in Tehran just before the Iran Hostage Crisis. Ben Affleck is a CIA agent who comes up with a plan to smuggle the 6 out by posing them as a Canadian film crew working on a fake movie. A movie named “Argo.” Affleck’s plan is a success and everybody lives. Yay.

I hate this movie because I don’t think it really deserved to win Best Picture (sure, it’s good, but it’s essentially just a standard thriller that happens to be based on a real historical event), Alan Arkin’s character doesn’t get a shout-out in the epilogues (rude), and having knowledge of the events prior to seeing the movie ruined some of the suspense (they make it. We know they make it).

You should watch because it is still pretty tense (dat opening raid on the embassy), it’s totally 80s fabulous (dat costume design), and Clea Duvall be representin’ American Horror Story. Yo.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars.

So yeah, ‘spretty good.


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