TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15

The Vampire Diaries Elena crying Jeremy dead

Yes. Maybe.

I am so disappointed in myself.

When I was waxing on about my hopes of Jeremy’s for-realsies death, I completely forgot about his immortality ring.

I guess when they stop throwing around a deus ex machina for a while you kinda lose track of it.

Oh well, at least it doesn’t work this time.

TL;DR Jeremy is dead. For real. Unless Bonnie raises Silas and he brings back to life all the dead supernatural beings evar.

That means TVD could retcon almost every major character death. Please don’t.

Anyway, this week sees the surprising choice to not immediately show Jeremy to be alive. Elena brings his body back home in the hope that his ring will save him. Unfortunately for her, most of the episode is spent watching everyone else try to convince her it ain’t gonna happen. Heartbreaking realisation ensues. Meanwhile, Bonnie is rescued and healed of her wounds by Shane who convinces her to perform the 3rd, 12-person massacre. This will not only bring their loved ones back to life, but will actually lower the boundary between reality and The Other Side, which will allow every dead supernatural being trapped there to return to life. Ooh. And Damon “saves” Elena from her emotional breakdown by convincing her to turn her emotions off.

On the one hand, I’m impressed that TVD is resisting the urge to bring Jeremy back.

But on the other, I’m genuinely worried that they’ll fuck up everything they’ve worked for by allowing Bonnie to complete the spell to release The Other Side inhabitants. I’m predicting (write this down) that the spell will eventually go through and there will be some cameos. Then, once there has been sufficient destruction, our heroes will intervene and put everything right, with a 50% chance that they’ll find some bullshit way to keep Jeremy.

If it does go that way, then Elena’s brilliantly painful breakdown this episode will mean nothing. And that would be fucking pathetic.



Why I hate this episode:

I’ve complained before about how dumb Bonnie has been during her journey to the dark side, but this episode has fucking outdone it all. Shane (who, spoiler alert, is actually Silas in disguise) is pretty much like “Lol, if you murder 12 innocent people, then Jeremy will come back to life. Also, every supernatural being ever, including all those villains that you and your friends have dispatched over the years. Think about it,” and Bonnie’s like “Nah, cunt. Let’s just do it and see what happens. My expired relationship with one guy is totes worth unleashing hell on the world.” I don’t think “dumb” really covers it anymore.

Matt is back this week. Does anyone really care about him anymore? All he does this episode is bring up Vicki and how he’s still struggling with his grief blah blah blah. Get a new trick, pony. Are we still supposed to give a fuck about this? If he’s not a blood bag, then he’s a Debbie Downer. Enough.

He’s also the only proponent of Bonnie’s plan. Fucking idiot. Didn’t we already go through all this with the Vicki ghost shit last season? Stahp.

Meredith is back, and hey, that’s cool, but she doesn’t do anything. Stefan calls her in to explain the physiological situation with Jeremy’s body so Elena will accept that he’s not coming back to life. I’m pretty sure a “He dead, gurl” from literally any other character already there would have sufficed. Don’t bring me Melissa if you’re not gonna give her anything to do.

After interrogating Gay, Rebekah and Damon learn that Katherine is in partnership with him and Hayley. Ugh, how disgusting. Katherine would never stoop so low. Indignation!

Oh, and it’s a bit of a minor one, but Caroline keeps leaving Tyler voicemails about what’s happening and asking him to call her/saying she needs him. Bitch, he’s running for his life from Klaus. You couldn’t even go 1 episode before trying to contact him, even though last episode you had accepted the fact that he could be gone forever? Weak.

Reasons to watch:

When it matters, though, Caroline does get to be the voice of reason. She is the most resistant to Bonnie’s plan to totally murder 12 people so she can recreate Hell on Earth. She even calls the plan insane. Because it is.

Elena, impressively, also vehemently shoots down the plan. And this is all pre emotional switch-off. She flat out says that she won’t condone killing people to restore her dead loved ones and risk bringing back all their superhuman enemies. Clever girl.

I’m gonna give Elena points for having an appropriate freak out for once. The scene where she tries to embrace pragmatism and set the house on fire as a cover story for Jeremy’s death is actually sad. She lists all of the people she loved who have died (even John), then cracks under the weight of the realisation that she is finally alone. Thank fuck Nina Dobrev isn’t an ugly crier.

Even Damon and Stefan aren’t keen on Bonnie performing the massacre/spell. Not even Damon? Now you know this is a bad plan.

Damon and Stefan say they love each other (without actually saying it, obv). Aww.

Rebekah, while still criminally underused, gets to do a bit more this week. She describes some nerve-shredding (literally) torture to Gay to force his confession about Katherine. Then, as the final main character left on the island, is the one to discover the real Shane. So, you know, blondes aren’t totally useless.

Best line of the episode somehow goes to Matt. He’s nonchalantly referencing that time he drugged Elena: “Poison your best friend once and suspicion follows you forever.” Not that I’d know anything about that.

All the vampires comment about how they can smell Jeremy decomposing. I lol’d.

Stefan and Caroline make really cute best friends. They do. You know it.

Elena finally calls out Meredith for unintentionally turning her into a vampire. Continuity matters.

Oh, and Elena does end up setting the house on fire, with Jeremy’s body in it. Way to commit, TVD.

The Vampire Diaries Gilbert house fire

“The Leprechaun tells me to do it.”

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