TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 11

Parks and Recreation Leslie April garbage

Leslie then hocked a loogie on the ground and fucked 3 sluts. Because equality.

Last week we had progress on both the Lot 48 sitch and Leslie and Ben’s marriage.

So I guess it’s time for some pointless filler, then?

Why do I always have to be right?

TL;DR It’s funny, but there is no major arc progress. The only forward movement is for minor character relationships, which isn’t good enough.

How can you go from planting falsified Native American artifacts to arbitrary women’s lib nonsense in the span of just 1 episode? Ugh.

The major plot this episode involves Leslie going feminazi (hey, I just mentioned them! But I don’t want Leslie to die. Just to fuck off back to some relevant plot lines) and holding a commission to improve female employee numbers in government. Blah blah blah Leslie and April become garbage collectors to prove girls can do it too. Unimportant resolutions ensue. Meanwhile, Ron has to watch Diane’s kids at work. He calls in Ann to help, and it turns out she’s terrible with kids, too. Ron and Diane say they love each other. Meanwhile, Tom asks Andy and Ben to help him become better at basketball so he can relate to his Rent-a-Swag clientele (which is apparently doing very well). It goes about as well as you’d expect. And Chris has trouble playing things cool while he’s seeing Shauna Malwae-Tweep.

So yeah, it’s the minor character subplot cavalcade. Next episode, please.

Why I hate this episode:

I don’t care about Chris’s “Oh no, Shauna’s being too chill. I’m not a mature enough human being to understand how to deal with this” bullshit.

I don’t care that Tom is bad at basketball (I think everyone kinda assumed that already).

I don’t care that Leslie needs to keep pushing against the boys club of Pawnee politics. This is season 5. We’ve covered this already.

The Ron pussification has hit its stride again, with Ron’s emotional revelation of lurrrve for Diane. Yes, Ron being flustered is funny. No, it’s not good for his character and the inevtiable inconsistency when he has to revert to his stony status quo to satisfy impending plot lines.

Rent-a-Swag isn’t failing. Totally unacceptable.

And in an even more ridiculous business success for Tom, after being beaten by some kids at basketball, he later does some brand whoring at a press conference following those kids’ victory against another bunch of kids. Yeah, just read that again and soak it in.

Reasons to watch:

April enjoys picking up trash because it allows her to violate people’s privacy. For example, she finds a box for prescription strength deodorant in the garbage of her former high school bully. She is very pleased by this.

Speaking of strength, April suggests that she and Leslie take PCP when they find themselves too weak to move an industrial fridge. She’s just full of excellent ideas. Remember, the Parks characters are at their best when intoxicated.

Watching Ron’s patience be tested by Diane’s girls is always a treat.

Tom is atrocious at basketball. At least I get to watch Tom fail at something, I guess.

Best line goes to Ron, who, after being teased by Ann and the girls for letting slip that he loves Diane, defiantly screams an unconvincing defence: “I love nothing!” If only.

Diane turns out to be a cool bitch when she finds out the girls had cut each other’s hair up. She don’t give a fuck. She’s Lucy fucking Lawless, though, so that’s to be expected.

Jerry tries talking to the girls (after Ron has become frustrated with watching them), and they immediately shut him down with a brutally simple “No.” Jerry does get some lover later, though, when he’s called upon to unlock Ron’s office.

Oh, and Ann turns out to be very uncomfortable with children. Maybe she and Ron have more in common than we thought? Shippers take note.

Parks and Recreation Ann kids story scary

“What? Is this not an appropriate Peek-a-boo face?”

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