TV Review: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10

The Vampire Diaries Rebeka quiz hostage

Somebody’s been watching too much PLL.

Praise be to TVD, Rebeka is back and bitchier, blonder and more self-serving than ever.

It’s about time I saw myself in this show again.

Still no Katherine, though.

TL;DR Rebeka is large in charge (and doesn’t get daggered for once), and Elena burns Stefan so bad he wants to forget she ever existed. This is what TVD should always be.

Blonde mean girls getting what they want and true romance being crushed. More of this, please. When I use manners you know I’m serious.

This episode’s plot is mainly about Rebeka’s triumphant return to waking life. She takes (with the help of April, who knows everything now) Elena, Caroline and Stefan hostage at the high school and uses her compulsion to interrogate them about the cure. Being Rebeka, though, she also takes a detour on Stefan and Elena’s heartbreak. She not only completely humiliates Stefan and Elena, but also is told that Shane knows where the cure is. When she brings him in for questioning (with assistance from brother Kol), he reveals his plan to raise Silas, who in turn will raise the undead or some shit. Kol freaks and “kills” Shane. Luckily, Deus Ex Bonnie is here to save his ass with some witch bullshit. Meanwhile, Damon and Matt train Jeremy to be a strong hunter. Disappointed at the speed of progress, Klaus ends up vampirising a bunch of people (with Damon’s blessing) to get that tattoo growin’. And Tyler is, like, totes angst-riddled about the death of his mum.

If Rebeka can get this much shit done in just 1 episode, it makes me even angrier that Klaus wasn’t anywhere near as efficient over the entirety of season 3. I suppose Rebeka has the vervain drought to thank for her compulsion being so handy, but still. The point is: Klaus is inconsistent as fuck.

And Bonnie is a bit flip floppy when it comes to her magic. She casts a protection spell (using “expression“) when Shane’s getting beaten up by Kol, which unintentionally almost kills April. Then when she brings up her perfectly legitimate reservations to Shane later, he’s like “Yeah, expression could be insanely catastrophic, but…” and she’s like “Oh, okay.” Sure, this is another step in the right direction for her descent to the dark side, but does she have to be such a dumbass about it?

Why I hate this episode:

Caroline is completely sidelined. This is made hilariously worse by plonking her in the middle of the A-plot but contributing zilch to it. She just kinda sits there and intermittently bitches Rebeka out for being, well, a bitch. Her only individual moment is after Tyler’s (also completely pointless) rampage when she comforts him. Caroline deserves better than this.

I totally picked Damon’s inability to stick to his decision to keep away from Elena. She calls him after all the Rebeka stuff is over and tells him she loves him, and he’s like “Ey gurl, get yo’ flaps out here so we can fuck right now.” He tears up during this, which means he’s supposed to be having “emotions” about it.

Despite the fact that it is casually mentioned a couple of times, nobody seems to remember the fact that Elena is, you know, sire bonded to Damon. Stefan is willing to have Rebeka mind blast him because Elena says she loves Damon. She’s sire bonded! You know this! Stop being such an Edward.

April is kind of an obstructive, dumb turd. Rebeka tells her the truth about everything going on in Mystic Falls, and April sides with the obviously evil, 1000 year-old, homicidal original vampire instead of her friends because they lied to her a couple of times. How does she know Rebeka hasn’t compelled her? Fucking idiot.

Then she flips like a packet mix pancake when Bonnie turns up and helps her prepare a spell to protect Shane. So apparently Bonnie’s off the hook from the whole “You all lied to me WAH” thing because, although she was definitely complicit in it, she didn’t lie to her personally. Get your principles straight, bitch.

Some black guy is appointed interim mayor (late revealed to be Bonnie’s dad). He’s either evil or will die shortly. I’m not even gonna pretend to invest anything in him.

Tyler’s wolf trip is short and uneventful. Also, where the fuck is Hayley?

Oh, and you know I frequently come down pretty hard on Elena (like, a lot), but I’m gonna give her a pass this time. She and Stefan are broken up. She isn’t responsible for his emotional wellbeing anymore. Yeah, it’s pretty dog that she’s dating his brother, but I’m pissed off that TVD is trying to position Elena as a heartless monster because she isn’t being 100% sensitive to her ex-boyfriend’s pussy ass. You go, baby. Sire bond and all. Get that Ian Somerhalder dick.

Reasons to watch:

This episode is totally The Rebeka Show. And it’s fantastic. I think about half of the screen time is taken up by Rebeka bitchily strutting around and making snide remarks. Great!

Klaus is on the right side of active this episode. He first vampirises the pizza delivery girl so Jeremy can grow that tatt. Then he slashes up an entire bar’s patrons to get the job done. If it steps up the pace on finding the cure, I can dig it.

Tyler’s angst over Carol’s death is kept to a tasteful minimum. He has a minor rage (sorrow?) quit at the memorial service, then cries in Caroline’s arms after he wolfs out. What is it about hot guys crying?

Damon does his bit to honour Carol when he angrily shoots Klaus in the chest (not fatally, obv) and says “that’s for Carol.” All Damon’s friends are dying. And he doesn’t have that many.

Elena’s declaration of love for Damon is so painful that Stefan is ready to forget about her forever. I lol’d.

She also raises a good point about how when she’s around Stefan she feels like she’s just a project to him: a broken toy that needs fixing. She’s not wrong.

Rebeka is also incredibly amused by their pain. She is the voice of the viewer.

Best line goes to Rebeka, when she’s summarising some of the stuff she missed while daggered: “So, Vampire Elena is a trollop who likes bad boys.” She catches on fast.

Rebeka also gets second best line, with setup from April. Rebeka has just snapped Elena’s neck to incapacitate her:
April: “Was that necessary?”
Rebeka: “No, but it was fun.”
Dat honesty.

Shane reveals that Silas will be able to raise the dead people who were sacrificed in those ritual death things (the council, the hybrids). Bring it.

Kol is back. That’s cool, right?

Stefan and Rebeka decide to team up and pursue the cure. Stefan loves his blonde partners.

Oh, and Damon and Jeremy provide some minor shipping fuel. Now I’m not one to ship, but…

The Vampire Diaries Damon Jeremy kiss

It’s gonna happen.

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