TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14

Pretty Little Liars Mona knife she's better now

It doesn’t count as overplugging the meme if it’s used in its proper context. So shutup.

It’s like…I’m still not over how sublimely dramatic episode 12 was, you know?

Will I be forced to never be able to top that experience?

Surely PLL will deliver.

But not this week.

TL;DR Mona’s back at school and sets Meredith on fire. But arson aside, not much else is going on. 

Except more Aria relationship baby daddy drama. Fuck. That.

So, our major plot thread involves Mona’s release from the asylum and awkward return to school. She reaches out to Hanna and the Liars, but they’re wary. After a prank (which may or may not have been perpetrated by Mona herself), she ingratiates herself to the school by posting an apologetic video online. Aww. Then she sets a storage shed with Meredith inside on fire to prove her worth to the Liars. I approve.

Aria’s plot has her still avoiding telling Ezra about his son. She asks Caleb for advice about parental abandonment but comes to no solid conclusion. She also tries to squeeze Byron for info about Ali and the night she died. The Liars find one of Alison’s diary pages which details her extortion of Byron RE the Meredith affair. Looks like we have a new murder suspect.

Hanna doesn’t do anything except hum and har about being friends with Mona again.

Emily’s dad installs a security system to keep her locked in at night.

And Spencer continues to be unaware of Toby’s A-dom. When she sees Mona talking to Jason, she tries to warn him about how dangerous she is. Then at the end of the episode we see Jason is the one who Aria stabbed through the crate on the Halloween train. And Mona helps treat his wound. Gasp.

I mean, this isn’t a bad episode. But each time PLL ramps up the shock factor, it sucks to come back to filler junk like this. Sure, the Jason revelation and the Meredith fire were a couple of cool moments, but they only come in near the end of the episode to hook you for next week.

And Hanna had, like, no plot this week. Unacceptable.

Why I hate this episode:

And Ashley is also AWOL for some reason? Hanna’s grandmother is staying with her. I need my glamorous MILF fix, PLL. Don’t hold out on me, bro.

Emily’s dad thinks installing a security system (with an app, natch) and confining Emily to the house will keep her safe. Dude, her girlfriend was killed in a backyard. Rosewood obviously isn’t safe. Just move.

The schoolkids are way too easily accepting of Mona. They know exactly what she did and all she has to do is post some sob story video and they’re fine? Bullshit.

During the prank (as seen above), Mona whispers something to Lucas. When asked about it later by Hanna, Lucas only reveals that Mona had been sneaking out of Radley long before her release, but refuses to divulge any more details. Just fucking talk to each other you goddamn idiots!

There’s some thing about how the janitor at the school is the same guy who was the clerk at the Lost Woods Inn (where Mona had her A base). Wut?

An offhand comment mentions that Jenna has transferred schools. Noooo!

There’s some weird sexual tension between Spencer and Jason (who if you recall, are half-siblings). When she goes to see him again about Mona, he’s on his porch with his shirt unbuttoned and Spencer has an eyeline directly to his abs. It’s creepy. Incest creepy.

After the fire, Byron invites Meredith to stay at the Montgomery house (she declines). Wtf dude?

Oh, and much like Lucas, Aria misses a perfect opportunity to just tell her father she knows about Alison’s blackmail and get some answers. Fuck.

Reasons to watch:

Mona is kinda psycho-licious. The fact that she’s willing to set someone on fire just to impress a group of girls who openly hate her bodes well for the future of this show.

Of the 4 Liars, Spencer is (unsurprisingly) the least enthusiastic about playing nice with Mona. I lol’d.

The Jason revelation is a pretty quick answer to the “who was attacking Aria in the box” situation. I’m impressed.

Early on we see Toby trying to run down somebody on a skateboard. Lucas later says he’s limping because of a skateboarding accident. Juicy.

Hanna’s grandmother is pretty boss (which is kind of her thing). She even commandeers the microphone at the fun run to sing the national anthem. Badly. I gotta give her points for that.

Meredith turns out to be a reasonable authority figure (until she thinks the Liars set her on fire, anyway). She lays down the law in class but all she really wants is for them to be professional and civil. And she even praises Aria to Byron in private. I feel kinda bad for the homewrecker.

Best line goes to Aria after she sees Meredith will be the new teacher for one of their classes: “Please stick a fork in my neck.” Can I?

Spencer shows her skills as a seasoned lockpicker. Why am I not surprised?

Although cautious of her, Spencer does think Mona will have some info on the NAT club (and considering the Jason twist at the end, bitch is right). Smart and felonious? She’s perfect.

Oh, and the prank that’s played on Mona is a cow’s brain stuck to the inside of her locker with a knife, with a note including a “mad cow” insult. Divine.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna Grandma blue dress

Yes, I’m still going to make fun of Hanna’s outfits. When she can get through an episode without an abomination, then we’ll talk.

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