TV Review: Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 9

Parks and Recreation Tammy 2 Ron Megan

I hear this in Karen’s voice. And it’s even hotter.

Ah yes, the triumphant return of Tammy 2.

And she’s as sex-crazed and violent as ever.

I finally feel represented on this show.

TL;DR Tammy is fantastic. Duh. The sub plot with Jerry’s party is a bit dull but otherwise enjoyable enough. 

I’m just glad somebody is finally addressing the horrible way everyone treats Jerry.

So the main plot is about Ron being invited to a woodworking awards ceremony. Leslie accompanies him as a friend, and he brings Diane (Lucy Lawless) as his date. Things are going well until a sexy and spiteful Tammy shows up to ruin the day. Hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, April, Andy, Donna and Tom are going out for their annual Jerry Dinner: an event that they save up for by depositing $1 into a box every time Jerry does something stupid. They have over $500. Donna gets a crisis of conscience and decides to take, you know, Jerry, but the 4 are shocked to find Jerry throwing a Christmas party that they were apparently not invited to. When they try to get in, Ann calls them out on the grinches they are and forces them to be nice. And Chris and Ben attend the party where they encounter Jerry’s hot wife (Christie Brinkley) and Chris handles seeing ex-girlfriend Millicent, Jerry’s daughter, with a new boyfriend.

The Chris sub plot is where the episode falls down. But I am conflicted about spewing hate on it. Yes, it is terribly banal to waste so much screen time on his new-found self-worth and the positive work his extremely overdone therapy is achieving. But watching him and Ben have D&Ms all episode isn’t exciting. And the jokes noticeably wane every time they cut back to them.


On the other hand, Tammy is a goddess. The Ron and Tammy episode from season 2 is easily one of the greatest.

Why I hate this episode:

Did we really need to devote a sub plot to Chris’s growing emotional maturity? Chris isn’t lead character material. Stay to the background and be weird. That’s what you’re here for.

Because Leslie is tied up in the main plot line, Ben gets shipped off to C-Plot land. His whole “Hey Chris, more interesting characters are busy. Let’s hang out” thing was kinda a bit too obvious. Maybe I’m just becoming too sophisticated as a viewer at noticing the genre constructs. Because I’m fancy.

Oh, and although Christie Brinkley still looks pretty smokin’, her wide smile showed off way too much plastic face. Poor love.

Reasons to watch:

Motherfucking Tammy 2, bitch. She’s still wonderfully unsubtle (see above) and not above chasing Leslie with an axe.

The credits scene also shows Tammy arrested for erratic driving and Leslie emerging from the boot, having been kidnapped. I lol’d.

Leslie does the favour first, though, when she intercepts Tammy’s seduction of Ron by taking his car and not letting Tammy out. Kidnapping for everyone!

It turns out Diane isn’t threatened by someone like Tammy, but is threatened by the closeness of Ron and Leslie’s relationship. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Ann works well as moral arbiter. April, Andy and Tom eventually give in to their better natures and give Jerry the dinner money to help cover his medical expenses from the fart attack. Nice.

Second best line goes to April, with set up from Donna. She’s suggested they be nice to Jerry:
Donna: “Don’t you wanna be good people?”
April (emphatically): “No!”
That’s my girl.

Best line goes to Ron with this introduction of Tammy to Diane: “This is a piece of human garbage that is also my ex-wife.” A piece of sexy garbage.

When April tries to barge past Ann into the party Ann discovers that April is very physically weak. I lol’d.

Millicent’s new boyfriend is hot as fuck.

Ron wins the award. And he shows Diane his Duke Silver alter ego. Aww.

And Leslie and Tammy somehow get into the following situation:

Parks and Recreation Leslie Tammy dumpster catfight

This is why we watch Parks and Rec.

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