TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 10

Jersey Shore season 6 Snooki eating

I don’t want to make a cow/grazing joke, but Snooki did bring up bovine during this scene, so…

So the Angelina thing fizzles out immediately.

I really should know better than to ever get my hopes up, but dammit, this is the final season. I thought they might actually deliver for once.

I’m going to have to talk to some gin about this.

TL;DR Almost the whole episode is devoted to the planning of Snooki’s “Shore Shower.” Go back to your own show, Snooki.

At least between you and Jenni you can sometimes have a plot line that isn’t insanely banal.

So yeah, this episode revolves exclusively around the roommates planning the baby shower. There’s some shenaningans when Snooki wants to go baby shopping and the girls have to stop her because they’ve already bought her a bunch of baby crap. The plan eventually goes well, though, and Snooki gets all misty at the surprise. But Vinny still needs to have a talk with Jionni so they can sort their shit out. Elsewhere, Mike faces awkwardness following his break up with Paula, Vinny fails to complete a 3-way, the gang runs into an apologetic Angelina while clubbing, and Ronnie plays pranks with a gorilla suit.

But good god, Snooki is a waste of screen time. All she does is whinge about being pregnant and how she can’t have fun. She’s ready to roll some heads when everyone blows her off for baby shopping. Get a grip, girl.

And having everyone working together to make her happy doesn’t make me happy.

On the other hand, Jenni dances sluttily in 2 separate scenes, so there’s that.

Why I hate this episode:

Seriously, nothing happens. It’s just baby shower baby shower baby shower clubbing baby shower Vinny baby shower. Boring.

Paula turns out to actually be kinda crushed by her dumping by Mike. Seeing Paula on the verge of tears is one of the greatest injustices of our lifetime. The heartbreak.

Yet again the gang treats Angelina like shit. Yes, she’s an annoying douchebag, but she seemed pretty genuine. The boys are such little bitches. All they do is complain about her to the confessional. They’re such girls.

And didn’t they run into Angelina while clubbing before? Recycled plot device.

Vinny strikes out with his potential 3-some, but does admit to getting a blowjob. He then says “yolo.” Unironically. Dear. God.

Oh, and Vinny decides he has to take Jionni out of the baby shower for a 1-on-1 convo about how he banged Snooki while she and Jionni were together. Because arbitrary drama is the best present you can bring to a baby shower.

Reasons to watch:

There are some fun moments. When the gang is at a club, there’s a lacklustre Gogo dancer who’s pissing Jenni off. So she gets up and puts her big fake titties to work and shows that girl how it’s done. I’m not surprised.

When they go to a different club (the one where they see Angelina), Jenni runs into one of Roger’s friends has a dance battle with him. She breaks out “droppin’ it” as her trump card and promptly rips her jeans in the crotch. She isn’t particularly bothered by it, of course.

Jionni blows off spending time with Snooki so he can go play softball. The roommates are quite happy to bag him out on this. Ronnie implies that he’s only qualified to carry the bats, and Jenni mocks him for playing fucking softball instead of baseball. Poor little guy.

The gorilla suit pranks are effective. He gets Jenni the first time, then gets her again when she’s in the smush room with Roger. We also get to see Roger in just his underwear. Everybody wins.

Paula cock blocks Mike while out clubbing. I approve.

Vinny’s 3-way girls are just a couple of floozies he encounters on the street. I lol’d.

Sammi is hungover as fuck after one of their nights out. I’m proud of her making it throught a blackout-drunk night without causing a baseless fight with Ronnie. Our little girl’s growing up.

Best line goes to Jionni when he’s a bit sick of Snooki calling him up just to interrupt his day and bitch about her feet: “Your attitude is, like, horrible.” Agreed.

Snooki doesn’t suspect a thing about the baby shower before the surprise. And she appears genuinely elated when it happens. Aww.

Oh, and Mike seems happy to point out that 2 of the guys at the baby shower have fucked the mother, not including the father of the child. Classic Mike dick-baggery.

Jersey Shore Jenni holy shit

There are only 2 more episodes left evar!

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  1. Kellie says :

    I just popped in to let you know that I just google image searched “Jersey Cow jokes” and the Snooki picture was one of the results! LOL

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