TV Review: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 6

Jersey Shore season 6 Snooki crap hair

Seriously, what is going on with that?

Surprise! Jenni actually seems to be realising the stupidity of her self-righteous fury.

Well, at least as much as an overconfident, affluent, large breasted club rat can.

So not much. But it’s a start.

TL;DR The Jenni/Roger thing thankfully takes a back seat. Mike is still being not a dick, and the aftermath of Deena’s arrest is humorous. It’s a yes from me.

An almost drama-free Jersey Shore that is actually enjoyable? What madness is this?

So this episode pushes the Jenni/Roger drama to the back end. Before that, though, is the drama surrounding Deena’s arrest and return to the house. Mama and Papa Deena swoop in and Mama is not pleased. Sammi and Ronnie continue to not fight (not sure if thankful or disappointed). Mike decides to make his relationship with Paula official, so he organises dinner at Rivoli’s (with the rest of the roommates watching on) so he can propose their relationship. It goes well. And then, of course, Jenni calls Roger and they argue because they’re both too stubborn.

After the endless, bullshit shitstorm of last episode, I think I was kinda glad to get something a bit more mellow this week. And although it’s not the intense, Jersey we remember and love from the early seasons, it’s sweet and funny enough to get me along.

If there was 1 thing that really irked me, it’d be the way the Jenni/Roger thing just leaps back in near the end. The entire episode it is completely ignored. And then BAM! Self-righteous stupidity (from both of them). Rude.

But yeah, otherwise a good time.

Why I hate this episode:

Jenni goes to her follow up appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon for her foot. Turns out it isn’t fractured at all. Which makes her big bitch at Roger seem even more baseless.

I never thought I’d have a bad word to say about Roger, but he’s kind of an epic dickhead during his phone fight with Jenni. He plays the “I’m too old for this shit/I work to hard to put up with this” card too hard and too often. What he’s essentially saying to Jenni is “you don’t work for your money and are inferior to me because of your age. I’m in charge and I won’t listen to you.” To be fair, he’s right, but that’s no way to structure your relationship.

Jenni isn’t off the hook, either. She pretty much has the exact same attitude but without the hard work or age to back it up. Lol.

Not to be outdone, Snooki continues her cuntish tirade against Mike. She again reasserts that their fuck sesh (which was the major topic of both season 4 and 5, ffs) never happened. Give it up, Snooki! You are the only person who is still saying it didn’t happen. You’re lying! Just get over it. Who cares if you banged while drunk one time? God.

Mike buys her a pimpin’ stroller and bitch won’t even go up to see it unless Mike isn’t there. Fucking rude. She does eventually thank him at Sunday dinner, but she makes it clear that saying sorry with a gift isn’t good enough. Whatever, bitch.

Jenni doesn’t know who parted the Red Sea.

Ugly, boring Chris shows up for, like, 1 frame. Still ugly and boring.

Paula (although possibly trolling) launches into a discussion about kids and marriage after Mike gets his dating proposal done. Clinger alert.

Oh, and Mike has a life coach. Bit dramatic, don’t you think?

Reasons to watch:

Deena’s arrest is still hilarious.

What’s better is Ron and Sam’s reaction to it. Sammi does the typical girl bullshit and gets all teary, but Ronnie don’t give a fuck (probably because he’s been there himself a couple of times).

Which leads into the best line of the episode, from Ronnie: “So, do you wanna go keep drinking?”

And they do.

Paula and Mike make a good couple. Not gonna lie. He’s a ripped butterface, she’s a hot idiot. They’re perfect for each other.

Mike is actually still going with his “not doing stupid shit” hot streak. He has a cute (and successful) dinner with Paula, buys Snooki a stroller and gets his abs out. No complaints here.

Snooki is glad it isn’t her in jail for once. Deena was due.

Snooki also makes a hilarious observation when she goes to pick Deena up from the drunk tank. She’s driving Jenni, who’s in crutches, and SamRon, who are still drunk. It’s a fucked up day when Snooki is the most responsible one in the car.

Deena’s mum is a boss. Deena better hope this shit doesn’t happen again.

After being told by her mum that she could go to county lock-up, Deena is understandably terrified: “I’d be someone’s bitch in, like, a second.” Just look at the way she followed Snooki around in season 3. It’s the truth.

The flasher is back. She gets her tits out. I’m satisfied.

Snooki and Jenni test drive (and buy) some fat white trash scooters. I’m jealous.

Ronnie also nabs second best line when the roommates are watching Mike reveal his “Let’s make it official” shirt to Paula: “I don’t even fuckin’ know if Paula can read!” Trollol.

Oh, and Ronnie is probably the only roommate who has any sensible viewpoint on the Jenni/Roger thing. He agrees that they’re both at fault and they’re both brats. Nailed it.

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