TV Review: 30 Rock Season 7 Episode 4

30 Rock Jenna Mitt Romney baseball

Is there any way you don’t get this? Really?

Buckle up, kids. We’re getting political.

Sort of.

But not offensively so.

Thank god.

Sentence fragment.

TL;DR Jenna gets to be in focus again! It’s almost like the writers are doing this just for me.

And I am in heaven. If I believed in heaven. I am provocative.

So the plot this episode revolves around Jenna releasing a surprisingly successful song about catching crabs and being a mature aged party animal. She ends up with a legion of ageing, beach bum burnout fans and must act like one to keep them. Meanwhile, Liz and Jack continue to have political differences, culminating in them realising that Jenna’s fans may hold the power in the upcoming election. Also, the Pranksmen reunite to piss off Jenna.

You know what? Apart from the political angle (the whole Liz/Jack Democrat/Republican thing) being the same as always, I really didn’t mind this episode. Both Liz and Jack get portrayed as bigoted, underhanded and eventually ineffective at addressing their point.

Also, any show that lets Jenna be the most important figure in a political situation can’t be taken seriously. And this is a sitcom, not a presidential debate, so that’s exactly how it should be.

Why I hate this episode:

I don’t. Well done, 30 Rock.

I am getting a bit sick of the Jack/Liz thing.

Kellan Lutz turns up in a very weird cameo as Lutz’s nephew or something? There’s a gross incest vibe and I didn’t like it at all (Lutz feeds Kellan marshmallows while Kellan sits on his his knee. Disgusting).

Also, Kellan Lutz is so 4 years ago. He’s not even that hot. Well, he is, but Twilight.

Oh, and a big part of Jack’s conflict in the episode comes from his philosophy that throwing money at any problem will solve it. Really? Surely Jack’s character development over the last 6 seasons hasn’t been tossed aside just to make some political jokes?

Reasons to watch:

Umm, Hazel still hasn’t shown up since the premiere. It’s kinda scary knowing the 30 Rock writers are reading this blog and acting accordingly. Imma pat myself on the back for that one.

Jenna is my favourite character, so I love seeing her actually matter. And her plot line where she has to pretend to be chillaxed (when she’s motherfucking Jenna goddammit) is awesome.

Which leads to the best line of the episode, with setup by Frank.
Frank: “You’re maybe the most high maintenance bitch in Hollywood.”
Jenna (enraged): “Maybe? Who? Who’s more!?”
She is my everything.

Jack takes Liz to a Republican fundraiser with the intention of making Liz give a liberal rant to encourage more donations from the attendees. Liz and Jack’s friendship is the best. Also, Liz binge eats the shrimp. She’s so relatable.

The Pranksmen use the presence of Jenna’s fans to force her into things. Lutz gives her a haircut (see below). I lol’d.

Pete ends up joining the middle-aged drunkards. It’s in character.

One of the fans has a seatbelt tattoo so she can drive naked without getting pulled over. Points for practical tattoo usage.

Cerie wears the same shirt Jenna is, but as a dress.

There’s a random cutaway about an otter looking like Tracy. And it totally does.

Don Cheadle appears in an ad for Jack’s project to get black people to vote Republican. Cheadle complains about selling out. Coming from the guy who replaced Terrence Howard in the Iron Man movies, it is certainly…iron-ic (ah ha!).

Both Jack and Liz make a joke about how Florida is the penis of America. Yeah, it’s an easy one, but I laughed.

Oh, and it ends with a “to be continued.” Jenna will decide the fate of us all.

30 Rock season 7 Jenna crab catchers

Not sure if excited or terrified.

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