TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 10

The Glee Project Aylin burqua head scarf

“Did you know I’m a Muslim? I know, right! Can you believe it? Because I’ve never mentioned it before ever!”

Guh…still…can’t get over…PLL.

Oh well, what better way to disappoint myself than to watch The Glee Project?

TL;DR All the contestants shine during the video shoot, and they all do a pretty good job for their last chance performances. Only 1 episode to go!

Gosh, we’re down to only 5 contestants already? What happened to my babies?

Anyway, this week’s theme is Actability (continuing the trend of not-words as themes from last time), which means our gleek wannabes get to stretch their questionable talent as far as it’ll go.

Everything goes better than expected. Nice.

Of course, there’s a twist involved: everyone has to do a last chance performance and is eligible for elimination.


My biggest problem this episode would be how the final 3 shakes out. Spoiler alert, it’s Ali, Blake and Aylin.

Which means that Michael and Lily get eliminated this episode. Michael I’m not surprised at, but Lily has gotten better and better. Nikki said she’s the best singer, and the writers love her when she does her last chance performance.

Blake gets picked because he’s the best actor, but Aylin and Ali only got through because of their gimmick (Muslim, wheels). Same thing happened to Hannah last year. Glee already has 2 fat girls (Mercedes and Lauren), so there was never any chance for Lily to make it. Likewise Lindsay from last year. She was a copy of Rachel, so they gave her 2 cameos and fucked her off.

Why do they even bother choosing these people in the first place?

Why I hate this episode:

Ryan Murphy is back up to his old tricks (after being almost relatable a little while ago). And it seems his particular brand of lazy has infected the entire Glee writing staff. Ryan and 6 of the writers watch the last chance performances and make comments. And they all pull out the “they’d be a good character” line over and over. YOU ARE THE WRITERS. YOU WRITE THE CHARACTERS. THEY ARE THE ACTORS. THEY ACT WHAT YOU WRITE.

I understand that they would want an actor to have the range they need to write a new character, but Ryan and his gang want to use the contestants’ real life backs stories to create the new characters. Fucking lazy bastards.

Blake and Michael’s characters for the video shoot have to fight. Haven’t we seen this already?

Michael wins the homework assignment. Fuck off.

The song he’s given for his last chance performance is that depressing, low-tempo Girls Just Wanna Have Fun that Finn sang one time. It’s shit. Trust Glee to think taking an 80s party song and trying to make it meaningful is cool.

Aylin also gets lumbered with a crap song. Xtina’s Fighter. Not only is it so overdone, Aylin can’t possibly measure up to Xtina’s belting voice. Add insult to injury? The writers actually loved it. They really are detached from reality.

And did I mention Lily got eliminated? Not cool. She was my everything.

Reasons to watch:

The video shoot is pretty great. They’re shooting a faux trailer for some wangsty teen movie, and it actually turns out awesome.

Blake gets to be a hot bully (again, but I like it). He has a scene where he shouts down Aylin (who is his girlfriend in the video) for seeing Michael (his best friend in the video) which is scarily good. Then he has a fight scene with Michael which rocks. Mainly because I liked seeing Michael get wrecked. I don’t care if it’s fake! It’s real to me!

Quinn is the guest mentor this episode, and she’s got to be the only one who genuinely appeared to be enjoying herself. Finally.

Lily’s acting in the video shoot was pretty amazing (which makes her elimination even more offensive). She also totally dominates her last chance performance.

Even Aylin got to show off some sincere emotion when she was fitted for he head scarf. Poor love. Probably the first time I’ve actually given a fuck about her.

Did Michael get a haircut or something? He looks much hotter this episode. And during the fight with Blake they get all up in each other’s faces. Just kiss already!

Oh, and there’s a scene in the finished video where Michael and Blake are lying together, shirtless, on the hood of a car. Seriously, just kiss. Now. He’s getting eliminated in 15 minutes. Take the shot!

The Glee Project Blake Michael shirtless

You’re so close!

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