TV Review: The Glee Project Season 2 Episode 6

The Glee Project Blake hot abs pecs chest

Fuck off, Nellie. He’s mine.

Oh god, it’s “fearlessness” week.

You know what they should be afraid of? Ryan Murphy’s ego.

Instead they go with something to do with bathing suits. And rapping.

TL;DR I think this is the first time this season that I’ve been properly bored with The Glee Project. No me gusta. Nobody does anything dramatic. Lily doesn’t even freak out about the bathing suit, dammit. Weak.

What happened to you, Glee Project? Did Ryan Murphy start writing this show too?

So the theme this week is fearlessness. Apparently the best way to experience this is by making the contestants rap during the homework assignment, then wear mildly revealing bathing suits during the video shoot. Oh, the horror. Not.

Everyone turns out to be surprisingly not awful at rapping. Nellie fucks it up (natch), but the rest pull through without much drama.

The worst part of this episode is the absolute non-fuss made over the swimsuits. Nellie (natch) gets all “woe is me” about having to show her body, but this disappears in about 3 seconds. Literally nobody else cares. Not even Lily. Bitch be confident as hell.

So yeah, no drama this time. Next.

Why I hate this episode:


Aylin gets a lot of screen time this episode. She reminds us (again) that she’s a Muslim girl, but that don’t mean she ain’t spunky as shit, yo. OMFG we get it. Shut. Up.

Ryan “don’t be surprised I’d bring it up” Murphy brings her religion up after her last chance performance. Because he’s predictable like that.

Also, when she’s talking about Charlie she says he might be her first boyfriend. But Aylin, I thought you weRe SuCh a FliRter lOL OmG roflllllllllllll? Liar. Rude.

Aylin is also a bad sport in her confessional scene when Lily beats her out to win the homework challenge. Downvoted because she didn’t turn this into open hostility.

Jane Lynch is obviously putting her award-winning acting skills to use when she feigns excitement as the guest mentor. Come on, woman. You were in an episode of Veronica Mars. What happened to you?

Aylin’s last chance song is If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. This song is stupid. Of course you’d be a better man, B, because you’ve had the advantage of having been a woman for the past 30 years. Guess what? Real men don’t have that. I know, it was a shock for me too. There there.

Oh, and  there’s a scene where Charlie dry humps exercise equipment whilst wearing nothing but boxer shorts. I didn’t need that.

Reasons to watch:

The homework assignment is actually done really well this week. Special mention goes to Ali, who turns out to be a pretty decent rapper. And their DIY choreography isn’t bad. Snaps.

I loved it when Nellie forgot her words. Totes appropres.

During the video shoot, I liked how Lily was confident in her appearance without ballooning into fat bitch territory. You know those disgusting fat sluts who are heinously proud of their obesity? Lily, TBH, isn’t that big anyway, but I like that she has some class.

During the video shoot (which is a mash up of Hit Me With Your Best Shot and One Way Or Another), they have to act all determined and stuff during a slushie fight. Shanna’s scary face is fucking scary. And Blake is a hot bully (but we already knew that).

The bottom 3 of Aylin, Charlie and Nellie is definitely the right choice. In fact, I think every time so far the mentors have chosen the correct bottom 3. Consistent.

And they all pretty much smash their last chance performances. Charlie deserves extra credit for inserting some self-promoting lyrics. I like a bit of shamelessness. If done at the right time.

It doesn’t save him, though. And I didn’t like him, so I’m happy he’s gone.

Best line this week goes to Zach, who says this to Nellie after selecting her for the bottom 3: “I’m done telling you how wonderful you are.” Totally spot on.

And Charlie is runner up with this scrap of wit: “This is, one way or another, going to end with heartbreak.” I see what you did there.

The Glee Project Shanna scary swinsuit

Okay okay! Just take my tampons and don’t hurt me!

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