TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 7

Pretty Little Liars Aria Hanna in bed

Hanna and Aria in bed together? Emily would be SOOOO jelly.

Apart from 2 mostly minor distractions, this episode sticks firmly on track plot-wise.

Snaps for PLL, everyone.

TL;DR Spencer, Hanna and Aria all get up to some serious A-relevant work. We get a ballsy new character on the scene, and Mona’s back, bitches. Emily lets the team down, but that’s what she’s there for.

Okay, plot lines GO:

Aria decides to not be a boring pile of puke this episode and steps into Hanna’s shoes when she visits Mona. She actually gets some interesting new info out of her.

Hanna pops in late as Aria’s sidekick when they break into the sanitarium to see Mona after hours. We also get a couple of flashbacks to Hanna believing she witnessed an alive Alison after she went missing, and the fallout with the DiLaurentis’s following. None of the liars know about this, so Hanna gets some revelation points this week.

Spencer has some arbitrary fight with Toby. Later, she helps Jason after he gets into a drunken car accident, which includes her and Toby lying to the police. This is Rosewood, baby. That’s gonna come back to get ya.

Emily does nothing except priss around with Maya’s cousin, who wants Emily’s advice when buying a present for his upcoming date with Jenna. Emily gets to spend the most time with new bitch Cece (Alison’s friend from elsewhere), so there’s that.

I suppose Emily has to come up again as a big problem. She’s just dull. It sucks that she has to carry most of the soap opera load by herself, but I remember a time when I gave a damn about Emily. When she could actually provide clues and insight into Alison’s insanity. Looks like that time is over.

And Aria is only interesting because she’s doing what Hanna was doing. Which proves just how useless she really is. To be anything other than a boring turd, she actually has to take over another liar’s role. Weak.

On the plus side, we do get some world-building flashbacks with Hanna. It’s good to see one of Alison’s parents back in the picture. And causing drama, no less.

Cece is also a total badass, and I can’t wait to see what she knows about Alison.

Why I hate this episode:

Come on Emily and Aria, pick it up.

Ella’s dating sub-plot soaks up a pretty big chunk of this week’s runtime. I don’t mind Ella TBH, and I do like the intrigue her date with Ted (yeah, Ashley’s Ted) brings. But when you’ve got Mona and Cece and car crashes and breaking into mental hospitals happening, Ella eating ice-cream and muffins is kinda distracting.

Cousin needs to FUCK. OFF. He’s boring, he adds absolutely nothing to the show (except to waste Emily’s plotlines) and I just know Emily will end up attracted to him, which is stupid and undermines all her character development as a lesbian. Go away. Nobody wants you here.

Keegan Allen (Toby) is so wooden. I sometimes forget because I find him ugly-hot (like Chuck Bass, and Chris Pine), but every now and then I realise “holy crap, he’s a terrible actor.” He’s like a young Hayden Christensen.

The whole “Hanna seeing Alison while doing a ouija board with Mona” thing was pretty dumb. I like the tension it created with Mr DiLaurentis, but really, PLL? That’s the best flashback you can come up with?

Oh, and Emily gets massive demerit points this week for being a stupid stupidbag. Cece suggests they exchange phone numbers, so Emily nonchalantly hands Cece her phone. Bitch, you live in A’s world. Your phone shouldn’t be out of your hands ever.

Reasons to watch:

Mona. Now that she’s snapped out of that ridiculous catatonic thing she was trying to do, she’s back to being important. I know she’s probably playing them, but I felt like she was genuinely interested in helping Hanna and Aria. Or at least wanted to be involved in drama, Mona style. Keep it up.

I like how Hanna suggested A might have a key to her house (and anyone else’s house). The ouija board was creepy as fuck.

I’m loving Cece. Her prank call to Jenna was awesome. Bitch is one badass motherfucker. And you just know she’ll have something relevant to say about Alison.

The code that Mona uses and the deciphering leading to the Maya website was pretty boss. Made me feel clever and shit.

Toby is a good boyfriend. Lying to the police. Probably just pussy starved, but whatever.

Aria is mature about Ella’s date. However, knowing Aria, when she finds out her mother is dating a younger man, she’ll probably be a massive hypocrite and tell her to stop. Bracing for unnecessary drama.

And even though it’s not related to A, fucking get on that dick, Ella. Mmm.

Best line this week goes to Emily (I know, right?). She’s talking to Cousin about a scented candle he bought for Jenna: “She has a highly developed sense of smell.” Was that a blind burn? Ouch. I approve.

Honourable mention goes to Aria (I know, wtf?) with this exchange with Hanna regarding Ella’s 2 dates in 1 night: Hanna: “What’s up with your mum?” Aria: “She’s a slut.” That’s love.

And A seriously planted a recording device in a doll in the abandoned section of the mental hospital? What do you want!? Tell me!

Pretty Little Liars Hanna pastel

She wears it for the whole fucking episode, too.


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12 responses to “TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 7”

  1. Layla Marly says :

    ur a total ass…the fuck u know about PLL if u hate the show so much stop watchibg it and get a life. Your obviously a really ugly person with low self esteem who has nothing better to do with your time besides writing hate articles about a really good show. fuck off bitch you aint shit…

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Wow, I can’t believe I’d forgotten how annoying Maya’s cousin was. This was a nostalgia trip.

      Emily seems to have gotten a lot better since this episode. Aria’s still struggling to find a role other than sleeping with a teacher, but she occasionally backs up one of the other Liars on a scheme, so she’s not totally inconsequential.

      It’s always a mixed bag with PLL. If you haven’t seen the season 4 summer finale yet, definitely check it out.

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