TV Review: Snooki & JWoww Season 1 Episode 0

Snooki & JWoww season 1 boobs

Needs more silicone.

Fuck yeah, finally a good Jersey Shore spinoff (Pauly D’s show is terrible).

Pity this isn’t it.

TL;DR It’s a clip show. With, like, nothing to say.

Is anybody going into this without having watched Jersey Shore religiously? Why the need for such a bleh clip show?

Full disclosure, I thought this was the actual first episode. Was kinda pissed off that there was no new material at all. I know MTV shows are about 60% recap, 30% establishing shots and the rest is people looking past the camera longingly, but never have I seen one be an entire episode.

But then again, this isn’t a real episode. My bad. Should have read that TV guide description more closely. Which means I should probably move on and go watch the real episode. Oops.

Why I hate this episode:

Have I mentioned it’s a clip show.

But it’s not even a very good one. Everything is stuff we’ve already seen. They don’t reveal anything new. They just kinda love on each other the whole time and make fun of Mike.

Reasons to watch:

If there’s one thing Jersey Shore is good at, it’s making an entertaining montage. So many great moments. I think my favourite (and yes, they cover it) was Mike calling Snooki fat in Atlantic City all the way back in season 1. “Can I have a roll?” “You’ve already got a few” (paraphrased, because I ain’t takin’ notes. Bitch). Priceless.

I like Snooki and Jenni together. They make a good team. I feel pretty bad for Deena though. What’s she doing without them?

And you get to see Jenni looking so much better season 1 style. I can’t quite figure out what she changed. I think she lost some weight, and I’m certain she’s had some lip fillers, but she looked so much more natural (if “natural” is a word you could use to describe her) back then.

Makes me want to crack out my season 1-4 DVDs. Yes, I own them. No, I’m not ashamed. But I know I probs should be.

Snooki & JWoww duck face roll

JWoww’s bringing back the trout pout. Bitch be hipster as hell.

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