TV Review: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 3

Pretty Little Liars season 3 episode 3 Jenna confront

We were all thinking it.

So turns out Jenna is pretty meek without her glasses.

Good thing Mona is still around to ratchet up the crazy.

TL;DR We finally get some resolution with the Jenna thing, but there’s still a lot of Rosewood drama to keep us hanging on.

The Liars finally confront Jenna about being able to see. This is good and bad.

It’s good because they finally fucking doing it. Hanna (of course) gets her back up and delivers a cheese-tastic one-liner (“a sight for sore eyes”. Brill). Hanna is a fucking boss. She’s becoming the go-to Liar for getting shit done. Move over, Spencer.

The confrontation of Jenna is kind of a let down, though. To be perfectly honest, Jenna is a soggy flap compared to the evil blind chick thing she had going on. It must be the glasses. She’s a weak little pussy, and all she does is whinge about how she’s being targeted by somebody as well. Oh, and I don’t buy her “I was only out for a drive when I picked up Emily because she was drunk” story. Jenna is too deep in this shit to think that would work. I’m going to keep an eye out (ah ha!).

Mona has jumped off the slippery slope in the other direction. Whereas she was a little bit creepy when she was all catatonic, she absolutely reverses her ‘tude this episode. She’s chatty and catty like the Mona of old. And it is unnerving as hell. And her table flipping scene with Caleb was goddamn freaky. “Bitch crazy” indeed, Spencer.

Emily doesn’t have much to do this episode. The altered test score from last episode provides some faux tension. Emily doesn’t really have to worry about it, but she still has a shit fit about how everyone is trying to help her and she’s sick of it. Just fucking accept the easy marks and move on. God.

And considering the only thing at stake with that sub plot was Ella’s job, I didn’t really care. The fact that it was so easily resolved by Ezra makes it even more irrelevant.

Aria doesn’t have a sub plot this episode. I wasn’t bothered.

Spencer does some digging about Melissa’s supposed miscarriage. Bitch was lying. I suppose it was about time PLL had some baby drama. But does anyone really care whose baby it is? Melissa is pretty inconsequential. The only reason I care about her scenes is because she is so obviously the black swan, but since none of the characters have cottoned onto that yet, she can fuck off for now.

Why I hate this episode:

Emily is still moping around. Can somebody throw some hot chicks into Rosewood so she can have something to do (ah ha!)?

Lucas is still slipping in and out of focus. I swear, if even one of the Liars just had the brain power to actually talk to people and get them to tell them something, the show would be over. As is, every time we get close to even a used tampon’s worth of information, someone just walks away and meaningful glances are exchanged (Caleb and Hanna get this from Lucas outside the mental hospital).

Ezra is still at most a third-tier character. He is pretty much just around to cause arbitrary drama between Aria and her parents. He gets some excercise as a deus ex machina this episode, which is better? I don’t know.

Caleb gets involved with Hanna’s shit at the mental hospital. Fucking butt out. Hanna has this under control.

Oh, and Hanna dresses like shit. Again.

Reasons to watch:

Mona is a scary bitch. Bein’ all talky and shit.

Hanna continues to be the best thing about this show. She gets stuff done. Even the other 3 didn’t want to confront Jenna, but Hanna got up in it. And her story with Mona is genuinely sad. She was definitely the most hurt by Mona’s time as A, both emotionally and physically (she got hit by a car, yo). Yet she is the most active in trying to sort it out beyond just getting information. I really feel for you, Han.

Altough Ezra is pathetic, I love how he and Ella absolutely rock that scheme. Fuck the education police!

There’s some bizarrely awesome sexual tension between Caleb and Lucas. Don’t act like you didn’t see it.

And Melissa is shady as fuck. I wish the Liars would catch on to her faster so we can find out what she’s up to.


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