Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13 – TV Review

Dynasty Nothing But Trouble Fallon red dress

Aaron Samuels isn’t the only one whose hair looks sexy pushed back.

Fake shivvings, busted wedding proposal scams, and surprise nightclub purchases aren’t even at the top of this episode’s Most Salacious list.

Dynasty, you are a crafty bitch.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 – TV Review

Riverdale The Tell-Tale Heart Betty vomit

I know she’s not hungover in this scene. But I didn’t want to miss a chance to talk about my vomit.

A similar sense of relief washed over me by the end of this episode, too.

After weeks of “huh” and “meh,” Riverdale finally makes the first move to pull itself out of the pits of second season mediocrity.

I could still use about 100% less land deal intrigue, though.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 – TV Review

Dynasty Promises You Can't Keep Cristal Fallon bar

But don’t we all have “drinking problems” when an open bar is involved?

Much like the situation The Vampire Diaries and The Originals found themselves in, it seems like Riverdale and Dynasty, too, have ended up on the see-saw of television episode quality.

While Riverdale keeps on floundering, Dynasty’s here to make it clear that not all soap operas on the CW are in trouble.

And we’ve even got a Gossip Girl alum on the guest star list this time. Keep shining, Dynasty.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 – TV Review

Riverdale The Wicked and the Divine Archie Kevin friendship

I’m sorry, Cheryl. But Riverdale has clearly forgotten about you.

It’s a shame that the above-captured sweetest moment of the episode is followed by the cringiest.

And not just of the episode, but of Riverdale’s run so far.

What’s happening, Riverdale?

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 11 – TV Review

Dynasty I Answer to No Man Fallon kidnapped robe

Fallon’s a winner, baby.

Dynasty keeps bringing the cheesiness, and wraps up the rest of Cristal’s family backstory.

Sadly, Alexis is yet to sashay in, but we’ve got new long lost sibling intrigue waiting in the wings.

Will this one also be a prostitute/cam boy?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review

Riverdale The Wrestler Kevin

Like father, like son.

After last week’s tepid entry, Riverdale is back to form with an episode overflowing with homoerotic wrestling.

Sadly, not enough of it includes Kevin. But I can ‘mire from afar.

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 10 – TV Review

Dynasty A Well-Dressed Tarantula Carrington manor

That means we own everything.
Except for multiple locations.

Step aside, Riverdale. You were not the best soap opera on the CW this week.

Dynasty hits its most Gossip Girl-esque stride yet this episode. And there’s another extravagant party.

Sadly, no fountain shoves. But you can feel it coming.

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